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Unveiling the Hair Magic: The Journey One Week After Keratin Treatment


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1 Week after Keratin Treatment

1 week after keratin treatment
1 Week after Keratin Treatment

Oh, the things we do for the love of smooth, 1 week after keratin treatment movie-star hair! It’s like Brad Pitt in a shampoo commercial; you can’t look away.

Keratin treatment, the supposed magic wand to transform us into these shampoo commercial-worthy divas, has stirred a storm in the hair-care world. Buzzing in every salon and hair-care aisle, this power-packed protein treatment promises to tame, shine, and straighten your chaotic curls to whip them into silky submission.

But wait! Before jumping into this magical pool of hair transformation, let me pop the expectations bubble for you. And, no, it’s not like your second date, where reality bites, but not all bad.

So, you’ve survived the first battlefield of getting the treatment. Bravo! But the real journey begins now—like a week-long boot camp for your hair. Are you up for it? Wonderful! Let’s unveil the magic and mayhem that follows a Keratin treatment, one day at a time. Prepare, dear reader, to have your mind (and maybe your hair) blown!


Day 1: Post-Keratin Euphoria and The First Wash

So you’ve finally taken the plunge, said goodbye to your unruly hair, and emerged from the salon armed with the promise of a silky, smooth mane. Ah, the sheer joy of running your fingers through your hair without them getting stuck in a knot! Isn’t it like a hair commercial that has come to life? Wait a minute, don’t start celebrating just yet. There’s still the issue of the first wash. Do you wash it right away, or do you hold off?

Well, there’s no straightforward answer. It depends on the type of keratin treatment you’ve received. The traditional kind demands you wait 72 hours before you wash, while some newer versions have no such restriction. Just remember: your hair is like a newborn right now. It’s sensitive, so lay off the solid shampoos and conditioners. Choose gentle sulfate-free products, just like your words should be when you’re arguing with your spouse.

And speaking of new roles, congratulations, you are a new parent. Of your hair, to be exact. Maintenance is key, folks. Your tresses need as much pampering as a colicky child. Embrace a low-heat lifestyle. Lay off the styling tools or keep the heat to a bare minimum. As for hair bands, clips, and pins, stash them away, far away. They are your hair’s nemesis for now. Show your hair some TLC, and it will love you back.

And there you have it. Your roadmap for the first day after the keratin treatment. Are you ready to explore the days ahead? Trust me; it will be a “bumpy” ride. That’s a story for another day (or, should I say, another blog?). Stick around, and let’s continue our silken saga tomorrow. To be continued… literally.

1 Week after Keratin Treatment
1 Week after Keratin Treatment

Days 2-3: Overcoming the Temptation to Tinker

Listen up, folks, days 2 and 3 after your keratin adventure are basically like the ultimate test of your willpower. Remember when you were a kid, and your mom said, “Don’t touch the wet paint”? Well, your luscious locks are now the metaphorical wet paint. I know—it’s as soft as a basket of freshly baked brioche, and you want to run your fingers through it like you’re in a shampoo commercial. But resist, my friend! Touching your hair too much right now is like inviting the frizz gremlins back into your life. Not such a smart move.

You are moving on to your bedtime saga. Your pillow might be your comfort zone, but it’s more like a battleground where your hair’s smoothness is at stake. Consider a silk pillowcase, the hair equivalent of upgrading from economy to first-class. Let’s avoid that dreaded bedhead that looks like you’ve been conducting electricity experiments in your sleep, shall we?

As for the great outdoors, it’s playing hard to get with your keratinized tresses. Humidity will flirt with your hair cuticles like it’s the last call at a singles bar, and wind? Wind thinks making your hair look like you broke the land speed record on a Vespa is funny. Wrap that mane in silk or a hat when you step out. In this hair-raising episode of ‘Man vs Wild: Urban Edition,’ I’ll place my bets on a chic hat.

Remember, you love your hair and want what’s best for it—like ignoring that urge to fiddle with it every three seconds. Let’s get through this together, with humor as our trusty shield against the storm of temptation!

Days 4-5: The Reality of Routine and Humidity

Welcome to days 4-5 of your keratinized life, where reality kicks in! You might be wondering how to integrate this silky sorcery into your daily routine without compromising your frizz-free aspirations, and let me assure you, it’s possible!

First up: integrating Keratin Treatment into your lifestyle. Now that you’ve joined the smoother side of life, you may need to kiss your flatiron goodbye, at least for a while. Why add heat damage when your hair looks this fabulous, right? Instead, regular brushing is your new BFF, and yes, I hear you loud and clear, you’re already missing your hairstylist’s magic hands.

Now let’s talk humidity humdrum. Since you can’t hire a personal umbrella holder like a diva, you’ll have to rely on other means of protection. Wrapping your hair in a bun when stepping out might help you avoid the big “frizz reveal” on those unexpected humid days. In addition, make sure you invest in a good anti-humidity spray – all hail the frizz fighters!

Hold on to your ponytails; we’re about to tackle the debate: Can exercise and hair care coexist post-keratin? Well, the answer is both yes and no. The good news is you can still enjoy your daily sweat while smugly looking down at your frenemy, Frizzy Susan. The not-so-good news? You may need to invest in a sweatband and gentle post-workout shampoo, which you’re probably more than happy to do by now.

Thus, as you navigate the maze of routine and humidity, don’t be in a hairy situation. Embrace this journey with style and swagger, untangled and oh-so-sophisticated!

Days 6: Rise of the Silky Locks – A True Testimonial

Ah, Day 6, the day your hair decides whether it will continue glamorizing your life or start plotting its frizzy revenge. My dear serpentine locks of yesterday have now transformed into a silken waterfall, cascading down with a sheen that could blind onlookers with brilliance. There’s a visible difference, a texture that wouldn’t dare to whisper the word “frizz,” and a shine that could serve as a secondary light source in my bathroom.

Let’s talk about compliments, shall we? Since the unveiling of this sleek masterpiece atop my head, the chorus of “Oohs” and “Aahs” could drown out the din of the morning commute. But let’s decode this, shall we? When Janet from accounting, who’s about as much of a hair enthusiast as a cat is a swimmer, tells you your hair looks “nice,” is she just being polite, or does she mean your hair could star in a shampoo commercial? We may never know.

1 Week after Keratin Treatment
1 Week after Keratin Treatment

Now, for the Aha! moments – those tiny miracles. For example, when I caught the reflection of my mane in the shop window, I couldn’t resist doing a slow-motion hair flip worthy of an overproduced perfume ad. Or my pillow no longer looked like it housed a shedding yeti come morning. I started as a skeptic, armed with cynicism and doubt, but here I am, brushing my hand through my hair and not encountering a single tangle – a true believer in the church of Keratin.

And, if you too decide to walk down this aisle of hair transformation, let this day 6 diary entry be your testament from skeptic to silky-smooth convert.

Day 7: Looking Ahead – What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

Welcome to day 7 of your “I’ve got 99 problems, but a frizz ain’t one” hair journey. We’re about to forecast the forecastable and predict the unpredictable.

Say hello to the crystal ball, which is your beloved lifestyle choice! Will your Keratin treatment last as long as your previous Netflix marathon? Well, that largely depends on you, my dear. If you become best friends with your shower cap during your sweat sessions, sideline your flat iron for a while, and replace supermarket shampoos with sulfate-free ones, then voila! You’ve just extended the lifespan of your Keratin treatment.

What about touch-ups, you ask? Imagine the Keratin treatment as a needy, attention-starved kitten. You adore it, but it requires constant affection (ahem…touch-ups). By week 4, you might notice your silky locks yelling, “Mermaid’s hair, don’t care,” a little less enthusiastically. Hence, showing some TLC with touch-ups every 4-6 weeks will keep your hair as smooth as your COVID-19 fear-induced online shopping experience.

Okay, the million-dollar question: did boarding the Keratin train prove fruitful? Well, if waking up to hair that looks like you’ve spent hours on it, but you just fell asleep on it, is your idea of fruitful, then yes! If receiving compliments feels like having a mini Beyoncé moment, double yes! If Ariel starts considering you a threat, then ABSOLUTELY YES!

Don’t forget, folks, just as your fashion choices reflect your personality, your post-Keratin decisions will reflect your hair’s happiness levels. Keep them high and ride this silky hair wave for as long! Let’s shimmy our way to the conclusion of this dance, I mean, Keratin’s journey.


Well, butter my biscuit, we’ve glide-stepped through a week of keratin-coddling like pros. Let me fluff up your feathers with wisdom nuggets: Less is more, charm the comb, and say “nay” to the spray. Now it’s your main event; will you shimmy into the silken revolution? Your locks, your lore!

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