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Navigating Post-Keratin Treatment Care: Can I Apply Oil After Getting My Hair Done?


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Can i Apply Oil After Keratin Treatment

can i apply oil after keratin treatment
Can i Apply Oil After Keratin Treatment

Welcome, dear reader! can i apply oil after keratin treatment? I see you’ve taken the path less traveled by opting for a keratin treatment for your hair. You’re undoubtedly brave to say ‘Enough!’ to those unruly, frizzy messes we affectionately call our ‘hair.’ So, what’s a keratin treatment, you ask? Simply put, it is a smoothening and straightening treatment that adds a layer of protein, keratin, to your hair. Think of it as a shield of smoothness that comes to the rescue of your poor, battered hair follicles.

I was wondering how it works. Picture this: a stylist applies a keratin hair-straightening product to your hair and then follows it up with the heat of a flat iron. This process might seem like a charm school for your hair, devoid of medieval torture vibes.

People tend to opt for keratin treatments as if it’s the closest thing to a magic spell for straight, glossy hair that doesn’t require fifteen different products and a small prayer to look like something out of a shampoo commercial. Are we right, or are we right? Do note that with excellent smoothness comes great responsibility, though, and looking after your keratin-treated hair is nothing to gloss over. Stick around as we dive deep into the all-important post-keratin hair care.


All About Post-Keratin Care

Welcome to the world of keratin treatments, fellow hair adventurers, where silky-smooth locks are a rinse away, but Post-Keratin Care is a mysterious labyrinth! Fear not. Let’s unravel this convoluted enigma together, shall we?

Once you commit to a keratin treatment, there’s no looking back (not until it wears off, at least). It’s like stepping into a posh hotel and realizing there are no instant noodles on the late-night snack menu. You need to go gourmet all the way, darling!

So, first things first, get acquainted with the “Keratin No-No list.” Picture this: You’re chilling at a friend’s party, and suddenly, a squirt-gun fight breaks out. You might laugh at this innocent fun, but there’s nothing joyous about getting your keratin-treated hair all drenched. Not unless you want the run-of-the-mill, frizzy mop back before you even enjoy fluttering your fabulous locks in slow motion! So, no matter how much you love living in the moment, avoiding water-triggered activities is necessary.

Picture this if you dare – a werewolf with a bad hair day! Hilarious? That could be a metaphor for keratin-treated tresses when brushed or tied during the first 72 hours. So, let’s be patient and avoid going all Vampire Diaries on that hair now, shall we?

can i apply oil after keratin treatment
can i apply oil after keratin treatment
This brings me to the second cardinal rule:

No compromise on your hair products, love. Using the recommended shampoo and conditioners is like sticking with sparkling water when indulging in fine caviar. It’s the posh life for your hair till the treatment lasts, remember?

Speaking about the first 72 hours post-treatment, consider those as the “Critical, Hair-Emergency” hours. It’s like trying to balance a delicate soufflé in a running truck. As you maneuver these few days, avoid headbands, hair ties, and donning those swank sunglasses on your head.

It looks like we’re getting the hang of things around here. Up next our roller-coaster ride through the oil controversy. Let’s delve deep and survive this turbulence, shall we?

Digging Deeper: The Oil Controversy

So, why has the dilemma of oiling surfaced like a sudden crop of zits on a teen’s face? Let me tell you. People find it hard to cut off from their oil-infused therapies – a deep-set practice ingrained from our great grandma passed down to grandma, who handed it over to your mom, whom you frankly can never out-argue with about the “holy” benefits of oiling. But now you’ve got your hair keratin-treated, and you’re in a real pickle, right?

To complicate things, the trick lies in understanding the enigma of the keratin treatment itself. You don’t just lather on some magical substance on your hair; voila, you’re ready to audition for a hair commercial! In reality, Keratin is a protein that, when artificially supplemented, adheres to your hair cuticle, enticing you with lustrous, reduced frizz tresses.

But the catch? Oh, there always is one. You see, oils are known to penetrate the hair shaft and provide deep hydration. It is a fairy-tale situation under normal circumstances, but they might as well play the villain when juxtaposed with keratin treatments. Oils could potentially jeopardize this fresh bond between the keratin and your hair, undoing the whole pricey treatment faster than you can say, “I love my hair.” So, in summary, while your grandma’s concoction of oils might be as nutrient-dense as a green smoothie, they’re not precisely keratin’s best friend.

Before you drown in the sea of confusion, rest assured. We’ll soon address the different types of keratin treatments and how each plays out with oil usage. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back…err, hair, in this case! After all, hair today, gone tomorrow won’t apply here, will it?


Different Kinds of Keratin Treatments and Oil Usage

So, you’ve just turned the volume down on your naturally sassy hair with a keratin treatment, now what? Let’s talk about different kinds of keratin treatments and their love-hate relationship with oil.

There’s the glammed-up diva of the group, the ‘heat-activated’ keratin treatment. This prima donna requires a hot flat iron to seal the keratin into your hair shaft. The affair between oil and this treatment is akin to Romeo and Juliet. You’d think they’d make magic together, but sadly, the oil tends to be a meddling Mercutio. Applying early can sabotage the love story, causing the keratin to dissipate quicker than your morning coffee. Give it a 72-hour break before you introduce any oil to your hair.

Next, we have the low-key, easy-going, non-heat-activated keratin treatment. This treatment doesn’t have any ‘heat’ tantrums to bear; hence, oil can come into the picture more readily, with no dramatic consequences involved.

can i apply oil after keratin treatment
can i apply oil after keratin treatment
Now, imagine strutting out of the salon, hair bouncing like it’s on a runway, but wait, which type of treatment did it undergo backstage?

Simple. Ask your hairstylist. The hot iron rendezvous or its absence would be a giveaway. Another clue could be the care instructions you receive. The 72-hour waiting period applies primarily to heat-activated treatments.

While these treatments have different rapports with oil, never forget the power of communication. If in doubt, ask your stylist for some guidance.

The dance between oil and keratin treatments is a tango that happens on a slippery floor. You have to know when to slip and slide and when to stand your ground. But remember, nobody likes a wallflower. So get involved with your hair, ask questions, and determine what works best for you. It’s your main event, after all!

And now, as you navigate these oil-slicked waters, remember: it’s always better to be an intelligent seal than a slippery eel. Knowing what type of keratin treatment you’re working with ensures you can enjoy those salon-fresh locks a bit longer. Happy oiling!

Choosing the Right Oil for Your Keratin-Treated Hair

So, you’ve done your homework on the post-keratin regimen and are left with this pressing question: “Which oil do I slather onto my tresses now?” Let’s dive into this oil riddle.

Think of your hair like a high-maintenance celebrity—requiring only the finest oils to keep their sheen. Lightweight, non-greasy oils like the A-list argan oil, good ‘ol coconut oil, or the trendy jojoba oil are the perfect panacea. Why? They have the magic power to weave through the hair shaft and deliver much-needed hydration without sitting heavily on your hair or giving it that ‘meh’ greasy look.

Now, in the world of hair oils, not everything that glitters is argan. Picture olive oil. Great for salads. Not so much for your keratin-treated hair. Heavy oils like olive oil and castor oil are the overzealous party guests that overstay their welcome—they linger on your hair, form a layer, weigh it down, and ultimately cause build-up. This might whisper sweet nothings to your frizz, but it’s a firm hell-no for your keratin treatment.

So, selecting your post-keratin oil is like picking a date for the Oscars—go for someone light, endlessly dazzling, but never making you the ‘overdone’ talk of tinsel town. Choose wisely, my sophisticated hair gurus. The right oil can be your hair’s chic little black dress, effortlessly extending the life of your keratin treatment while making your tresses the envy of all! Stay tuned for advice from the experts. Until next time, here’s to your well-oiled, fabulous hair!

Please note that a well-worded joke is always around the corner, and this blog is great with a sprinkle of laughter and pinches of sarcasm.

Expert Advice: Consulting Your Hair Stylist

Oh, the age-old question: do we need an expert’s advice, especially regarding something as simple as your post-keratin hair care routine? *sarcastic cough* Alright, let’s be honest here—your hair stylist is crucial in helping you maintain those luscious, silky-smooth locks after dropping a pretty penny on that keratin treatment.

For starters, they’ve probably seen it all (and by “all,” we mean that epic hair fails, courtesy of some DIY experiments gone wrong). So, who better to turn to when it comes to keeping that salon-fresh look intact? Your stylist will not only enlighten you on the dos and don’ts but also recommend the ideal oil and products tailored to your hair type and treatment.

Now, imagine the look on your hair expert’s face when you tell them you skipped their advice to conduct some Google research and started oiling your hair shortly after a keratin treatment. Hold that thought and pick up the phone to dial their number instead. Better safe than sorry, folks! Trust us: listening to the all-knowing wizard of hair will make a difference in maintaining the keratin magic in your mane. So, keep your stylist on speed dial, and let them guide you through post-keratin care!


Well, darlings, let’s do a quick rewind on our delightful hairy tale. After all that jibber-jabber, we can agree to a truce – oiling post-keratin treatment needs as much strategy as planning a surprise birthday party. You don’t want to be caught off-guard and spoil the party, or in this case, the perfectly glossed locks! Remember, your ultimate mission is to keep that keratin treatment living its best life (longer than your last diet). And never forget, your hair is no less than a royal; treat it that way!

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