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Can I Bleach Hair After Keratin Treatment? Unveiling the Truth Behind This Hair Care Conundrum


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Can I Bleach Hair After Keratin Treatment

can i bleach hair after keratin treatment
Can I Bleach Hair After Keratin Treatment

Welcome. Can I bleach hair after keratin treatment, fellow hair voyagers, for another installment of our hair-raising adventures? This time, we shall embark on an exciting mission – unraveling the mystery of Keratin treatments and tackling the perplexing question, “To bleach or not to bleach after Keratin?” So, buckle up and keep the hairband on standby; things are about to get intense!

Remember when you experimented with outrageous haircuts and went from scarlet red to midnight blue? Yeah, those hairy adventures! Now, we shall shed some light on the life-saving Keratin treatment. Ah, Keratin, the magical protein that works like a charm on transforming frizzy hair into silky-soft, shiny tresses.

You are now entering the blonde ambition corner! Hair bleaching is the process responsible for those envy-inducing, sun-kissed locks. But here’s the kicker: you just had a Keratin treatment, and you’re itching to go blonde locks. I can already see the perplexed expression on your face. Don’t fret; we’re about to discover if this daring combination is a match made in hair heaven or a catastrophically dumb experiment. Stay tuned, hair gurus, and prepare for some truth bombs!


Keratin: More Than Just A Protein

You might be wondering, “Why is Keratin so important? What makes it my hair’s BFF?” Good question, curious reader! Allow us to embark on a little hair journey into the magical world of Keratin. Dum dum dum!

In simplest terms, Keratin is your hair’s knight in shining armor (emphasis on “shining”). It’s a protein found in hair, nails, and skin that helps to add structure and strength. When your hair is battling pollution, heat styling, and questionable hair-tying techniques, it starts to lose its Keratin mojo. That’s when Keratin treatments rescue, replenishing those lost nutrients with a smooth and shiny twist.

Now, let’s shine a fabulous spotlight on the effects of keratin treatment. The first thing we notice? So long, frizz! This treatment calms your hair’s rebellious tendencies, combating frizz even on the most humid days. It’s like a much-needed vacation for your tresses. But, like every vacation, there’s a catch. Keratin treatments do have a wee bit of a “commitment” issue. They only last about 3 to 5 months, depending on how well you care for them. So, you must keep returning to maintain that smooth and expensive look.

can i bleach hair after keratin treatment
can i bleach hair after keratin treatment

That was quite the hair-rific adventure, right? Oh, but wait, there’s more! Can you match your silky-smooth tresses with some bold hair color? Or will it be like mixing fire and ice (spoiler alert: they don’t mix)? Stick around as we explore hair bleaching in the next section after Keratin treatment. Adventure, ho!

Hair Bleaching: The Blonde Ambition

So you’ve keratin yourself into Rapunzel clones, and life’s a glossy, smooth fairy tale, right? But here’s the unblonded truth about bleaching: Not everyone can be a Goldilocks. Alas! Bleach is the Lady Macbeth of hair care products. It’s glamorous, powerful, and oh-so-destructive! Is it modus operandi? Stripping your hair bare of its natural armor – pigments! It’s like booking a one-way ticket to “Dullsville” for your hair.

Now, let’s discuss the dazzling idea of bleaching your recently keratin-invaded hair. Ah, the glitz of blonde! It’s tempting, like the forbidden apple, but beware. Mixing bleach with post-keratin hair is akin to inviting a bull to your china shop. Picture this: Keratin treatment is your knight in shining armor who’s painstakingly polished down your mane to smooth perfection, and here you go, inviting bleach to do its Jekyll and Hyde routine. It’s like washing your car only to cover it in mud!

However, here’s what happens in the honest hairstylist world

your brassy ambition meets hair’s protein-enriched reality. Keratin (your hair’s new bestie, remember?) and bleach are like bickering siblings fighting over your poor hair’s attention. Each has your mane’s best interest in their heart, but they can’t quite agree on what’s best. It’s a hairstyle soap opera.

So, before you dive headfirst into your bleach bucket, remember: bleach doesn’t play nice, especially with hair that’s been through the Keratin warmth. It’s as if Keratin rejected bleach in high school, now holds a grudge, and doesn’t miss a chance to create a scene. It won’t just wash your hair color; it’ll also wash away all your hair dreams. You might end up stealing everyone’s spotlight for all the wrong, frizzy reasons!

You possess the ultimate power – to bleach or not, that’s your call, BRB. I’m going to grab some popcorn for this hair-raising cliffhanger.

Bleach After Keratin: A Stylist’s Perspective

Ah, the stylist’s chair – that magical throne where dreams of becoming the next J-Lo or Ariana Grande are woven, often leaving your wallet feeling like it ran a marathon backward. Your faithful stylist might paint a flawless picture of you with that sun-kissed mane after your keratin treatment. But here’s what they conveniently slide under those glossy hair product catalogs. Post-Keratin bleaching is equivalent to dumping your silky hair straight into a shark infested ocean. Cue the gasps!


Did your heart do a little skip at the horror? Well, don’t zip up the hair dreams bag just yet. There are a few hang gliders that might help you safely navigate this hair-raising leap. One, the time lag between your keratin treatment and the bleach – jumping into the bleach bandwagon immediately might send your hair on a premature ‘hairafter’ journey. So, while Patience may be that annoying friend you try to avoid at parties, she will be your new BFF here. Two words, folks – Hydrate Religiously. Yes, just like the water bottle marathon on your Instagram story, only this time for your hair.

can i bleach hair after keratin treatment
can i bleach hair after keratin treatment

Put down that color box, Sally, and hear this – ‘Condition, condition, and did I say condition? Because – yeah – CONDITION!’ With all this said and done, don’t forget the universal rule of hair play – every hair is a diva in its way, very distinct and not very forgiving when subject to experiments! So, let’s pause the hair drama and ask – Are you ready for the too-blondesque adventure?

To Bleach Or Not To Bleach: Your Hair’s Verdict

Alright, folks, just because we’ve entered hair territory doesn’t mean we must get all serious. So, let’s do a hair audit, shall we? Ask your hair, “Hey, do you feel like going blonde today, or are you comfortable with your current non-bleached status?” Yes, your hair speaks volumes if you listen closely. Check your hair roots, strands, ends, and everything under your bathroom’s harsh lighting.

If you see your hair doing the splits (also known as split ends) or acting like the life of the party when it’s bone dry (hello, frizz!), it’s a cry for help. Your hair’s saying, “Hold off on the bleach, human. You’ve tortured me enough with that Keratin. Let me breathe!”

Now, let’s move on to the unpleasant truths and wishful thinking of bleaching our hair following a Keratin treatment.

Let’s face it: We live on a planet where we see unicorns more often than people who have never had bad hair days. For some starry-eyed folks, imagining bleach after Keratin treatment is like a world where calorie-free chocolate cake exists. It’s tasty and tempting, but let’s not ignore the side effects.

Truth bomb – Bleaching is a chemical process that might, in technical terms, fry your hair off, especially after it’s been through another chemical process – the Keratin treatment. It’s like asking for extra hot sauce when your mouth is on fire. It’s not always a bad idea, but you must be a daredevil to try it.

The flip side is that sometimes, you can hit the jackpot. If your hair is healthy and robust like Thor, it might withstand this ‘double jeopardy.’ But please, pretty please, consult with your hair hairstylist, and maybe even do a strand test or a magic 8-ball just for good measure!

Ultimately, your hair’s verdict truly matters in the bleach-or-not debate! So, learn to read the signs your hair is giving because hair talks don’t always mean cheap salon gossip!

Hair Care Survival Guide: Pro Tips and Warnings

Before we dive in – quick warning: the path to your dream hair could turn into a road trip from hell if you don’t buckle up and keep both hands on the wheel. It’s your hair, kid, but don’t make it into a horror story that even Stephen King would reject for being too gruesome.

Post-treatment maintenance is where the magic happens (or the catastrophes, if you mess it up). It’s like owning a fancy sports car; you wouldn’t take care of it and still expect it to run smoothly, would you?

So here’s the gospel truth – love your hair like you would love that hypothetical fancy car. Shampoo it gently (car shampoo is not recommended). Use a conditioner compatible with it (not car wax; still talking about hair). And remember, heat style it sparingly. It’s like you wouldn’t regularly take your fancy car out for donuts in the Walmart parking lot. Your hair will speak for itself; you surely don’t want it complaining!

Conclusion: The Hair Chronicles Unveiled

So, Hair Connoisseurs, what have we learned from diving deep into the follicle jungle? Ah yes, the great bleach vs. keratin tug-of-war! Choose wisely, grasshopper, and consider your hair’s frizz-fighting dreams before going blonde. Hair nirvana awaits – go forth, and don’t forget to send us a selfie!

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