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Can I Comb My Hair After Keratin Treatment? A Comprehensive Guide to Hair Care Post-Treatment


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Can I Comb My Hair After Keratin Treatment

can i comb my hair after keratin treatment
Can I Comb My Hair After Keratin Treatment

Let’s dive right into it. You know that thing on top of your head? can i comb my hair after keratin treatment Yeah, that we lovingly call our hair. See, like everything else precious in our lives, be it our pet or our car, our crowning glory too needs a little TLC – and here enters Keratin treatment. Keratin, ladies and gents, without throwing too many science terms at you, is a protein that gives your hair, skin, and nails structure, strength, and resilience – Have you ever heard about the tale of Samson and Delilah? In HER world, it’s the potion for poker-straight, smooth, ads-like hair, but in reality, it’s just giving back what nature already bestowed on us.

You’re probably wondering why I am harping about Keratin treatments if they’re so naturally abundant. Welcome to the world of hair abuse, folks – constant brushing, blow-drying, and coloring our hair can deplete the natural keratin. So, suddenly, your hair starts resembling a worn-out broom more than an illustrious mane. Does your mirror self not seem to come straight out of a shampoo advertisement? Time to hit the salon!

As they say, everything comes with strings attached, even things close to divinity like Keratin treatment.

Did you know you’re not supposed to wash your hair for 72 hours post-keratin treatment? Considering how only a few of us survive a day without a shower, embracing our inner ‘Pig-Pen’ from Peanuts will undoubtedly be a task.

And look, I’m not suggesting your hairbrush has to pass a test before it gets intimate with your hair. But no old one will do if you show off your locks rather than hide them under a hat. Start with a gentle-bristle brush and avoid gnarly bristles – talk about being picky about who you take to bed! Surprises are only lovely on birthdays – no one likes waking up looking like they were the leading crowd surfer (voluntarily or not) at a punk rock concert.


Understanding Your Hair Post-Keratin Treatment

Alright, champs and competes with frizzy manes, let’s dive headfirst into the silky-smooth hair waters of post-keratin hair life, shall we? Got that luscious keratin treatment slathered onto your rebellious locks? Good for you! Now your hair’s as smooth as a con artist at a high school reunion. But how long can you bask in this follicle-induced euphoria? Keratin treatments have a lifespan akin to a celebrity marriage—usually anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on how well you take care of it and how often your mane meets shampoo hair.

Hold onto your hairbrushes because this next part is crucial: the do’s and don’ts after a keratin treatment. First, after the treatment, resist the urge to wash or even fondle your hair for the next 72 hours. I know it’s like not poking a fresh tattoo, but trust me. Let that keratin make itself cozy.

And once you’ve let it settle, it’s a bit like having a well-trained pet—it should behave, but it might need a gentle reminder here and there. Brushing is okay, but only with the gentleness of a fairy godmother; any more force and you risk turning your hair back into a pumpkin.

Remember, this isn’t the Victorian era, and we’re not obsessively counting brush strokes for fun. Overbrushing could send you spiraling back into poof-city, and nobody wants a ticket to that place. Take it easy, and let the smoothness reign supreme for as long as the keratin gods allow.

Your mane makeover with keratin is akin to signing a peace treaty with your hair. Handle it with care and enjoy the smooth sailing while it lasts!

can i comb my hair after keratin treatment
can i comb my hair after keratin treatment

The Brushing Conundrum with Keratin Treated Hair

Well, we’ve all heard the age-old adage, “100 brush strokes a day will keep the hair doctor away”, haven’t we? But, in the world of keratin-treated hair, this tale should be taken with a grain of salt. Or better, replace it with, “Caution: Over-brushing can lead to hair doomsday.”

The truth is, keratin-treated hair is like the cream of the hair care world; you wouldn’t want to overwhip it into butter, would you? Over-brushing can not only cause breakages but also an equal let-down: a rather unpleasing frizz outbreak—like a rebellious teenage phase of your hair (eye roll). But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for, to tackle these hairy situations, pun intended!

Firstly, let’s get this straight: no pun intended this time.

The correct way to “gently sweep” and not “harshly sweep” through your delicate keratin-treated tresses is to follow the “brushing grace period.” Patience is more than just a virtue with keratin treatments—it becomes a necessary hair regime. Wait 72 hours, yes, three whole days, after your treatment before you let a brush anywhere near your hair.

Once you’ve passed this waiting game, bring out your fancy brush! However, put brushing for kinks and tangles on hold. Your post-keratin hair isn’t fond of it. Instead, brush to stimulate your scalp, distribute its natural oils, and, more importantly, show off your silky smooth hair at your evening Zoom party. Duh!

So, here’s putting the final “brush stroke” on the myth- Brushing too much could end up giving you wonky-looking hair and not Rapunzel-like tresses. Let’s consider this the unofficial, totally not made-up, 101st rule of hair care. Now, who would want that twist in their fairytale hairdo?

Now, off you go, armed with all the info to treat your keratin-treated hair with the respect it deserves! Remember, a little bird (us, of course!) told you the secret mantra – “Love thy hair, brush with care!”

Preventing the Bed Head Chaos

Preventing the Bed Head Chaos

Ah, bedhead. The bane of our existence every morning. With keratin-treated hair, you’ll want to minimize any early morning mishaps. So, let’s introduce you to your hair’s new best friend: the silk pillowcase. You may be thinking, “Really? Pillowcases? Isn’t that a bit extra?” Well, my dear reader, this is no ordinary pillowcase.

Silk pillowcases are what dreams are made of – literally. They are the guardian angels of your hair during the night, warding off the evil forces of knots, tangles, and frizz. These silky-smooth saviors work wonders on your luscious locks because silk, unlike your college ex, doesn’t cause friction with your hair. The result? Fewer tangles, better moisture retention, and, possibly, an ego boost from feeling so fancy-schmancy.

If you’re still skeptical, let’s talk about the benefits. Tangle-free mornings? Check. No more breakages of that fragile post-keratin-treated hair? You bet. Hypoallergenic for our sensitive soulmates out there? Absolutely. And, of course, it feels like sleeping on a cloud (a luxurious, smooth, hair-saving cloud).


So, the next time someone asks you about your morning hair routine, you can smugly say, “Oh, I just sleep on silk, darling.” Your hair will thank you, and the envious looks you’ll receive will be so worth it—time to say goodbye to bedhead chaos and hello to silky-smooth pillowcase bliss.

can i comb my hair after keratin treatment

Choosing the Right Haircare Products Post-Keratin Treatment

Alright, buttercup, fasten your seatbelts as the next pit stop on our Keratin journey is the aisle of haircare products. You might be telling yourself, “My keratin-treated hair doesn’t need any fancy schmancy products to look fantastic.” I’m here to burst that bubble with a friendly, hair-loving slap of reality. Choosing the right weapons – haircare products – is more critical than you’d think!

Let’s begin with our humble hero: the hairbrush. Think of your hairbrush as your hair’s best friend or, even better, its soulmate! Like all good friendships are built, the right brush depends heavily on the chemistry between your brush and your new-and-improved keratinized strands. Using the wrong one, could turn your hair fairytale upside down, and let’s not even think about that horror movie.

Now, speaking of true love, the perfect match for your keratin-treated tresses is a brush with wide-set bristles. It’s not about playing ‘hard-to-get.’ Here, it’s about being ‘gentle-to-get,’ go gently on the brushing! Also, you don’t always need a knight in shining armor; sometimes, a brush with boar bristles works wonders.

But wait, we’re not just stopping at brushes! What about your shampoos, conditioners, and serums?! Nope, you didn’t hit bingo yet! While keratin treatments have various benefits, throwing caution to the wind and splashing whatever products pop up on the shelf can speed up the keratin breakdown process. Remember, Sulphate is your public enemy number one; it’s like Regina George in a Mean Girls world!

So, my dear Rapunzel-would-be, the choice of products you use on your hair is you choosing how to live your fairytale. Choose wisely, or you might tumble down the tower of beautiful hair! So, log on to the World Wide Web and add some hair-friendly goodies to your basket. Happy shopping!

Special Conditions: Brushing and Hair Extensions

Ah, hair extensions are the moody teenagers in the beautiful world of keratin treatment, and brushing them is the ‘dreaded homework.’ Hair extensions can quickly become lifelong foes with a keratin treatment.

Let’s spill the beans! Hair extensions don’t belong to your scalp hence they lack natural lubrication that makes brushing an easy job. Now throw in the keratin mix, and you have a hairy problem.

But fret not; all conflicts can be sorted with a little TLC. Manage those extensions by sectioning them before you brush. Start detangling from the bottom like you’re diffusing a bomb. One wrong tug, and poof, there goes your beautiful extension.

Now, coming to brushing the rebellious teens post keratin treatment, look for a brush that’s as soft as a pixie’s whisper to avoid friction. Wide-toothed wooden combs can become your new BFFs—a gentle reminder: extensions have feelings, too. So, be gentle and patient.

So, there you have it, folks! Balancing keratin treatments and hair extensions is no easy feat, but with a bit of know-how and a lot of care, you can surely win at the haircare game. If you’re still feeling ‘hair-placed,’ stay tuned for more hairy tales.


So, to wrap up this hairy situation, remember to practice mindfulness when tending to your luscious locks post-keratin treatment. Remember the dos and don’ts of brushing and treat your hair as if it were a delicate masterpiece (because, let’s face it, it is). And for all worried hair enthusiasts, breathe and follow our tips–you’ll be smoothly sailing into keratin heaven in no time!

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