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Navigating Hair Care: Can I Do Rebonding After Keratin Treatment?


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Can I Do Rebonding After Keratin Treatment

can i do rebonding after keratin treatment
Can I Do Rebonding After Keratin Treatment

So, you think you’re the next Vidal Sassoon, huh? can i do rebonding after keratin treatment? Armed with a few YouTube tutorials and some half-baked advice from your granny, you’re ready to conquer the world of hair care. But once you reach the heated debate of whether you can do rebonding after a keratin treatment, your brain curls up tighter than a spiral perm. Not so sophisticated now, are we?

Disclaimer: I’m not here to rain on your parade (or bleach your rainbow dreams). There’s an art to dabbling in hair alchemy like some follicle Frankenstein, and I’m here to teach it to you. I’ll navigate through the stormy seas of hair-straightening science so you won’t have to. So buckle your seatbelt and clip up your hair. Let’s dive headfirst into the world’s most confusing hair quarrel: rebonding after keratin treatment. Spoiler alert: it’s hair to give you a permanent shock. Teased enough? Great! Let’s strip this down to the roots.


Chapter 1: Captain Obvious vs the Misinformed Masses

I know we’re all amateur hairstylists behind closed bathroom doors, scrambling with our hair bottles, armed with our favorite YouTube tutorial. But when it comes to the intense ‘Hair Olympics’ of keratin and rebonding, those Doors-lyrics-inspired mystic views suddenly appear as clear as mud.

Let’s start with the basics, which I call “Hair Chemistry 101″. Hair, dear reader, yes, YOUR hair is primarily composed of a protein called Keratin. No, it’s not just a word that fancy salons throw around to charge you a kidney; it’s real and in your hair. Keratin treatment smoothens and fills the porous spots in your hair. Think of it as that over-achieving friend who fills in all the awkward silences at parties.

On the other hand, rebonding is more like a strict school teacher, re-aligning all your strands in a perfect, straight line. It alters your hair structure and gives you those impeccable, poker-straight locks of your dreams. But just like strict teachers, rebonding requires some stringent aftercare. Miss out on that, and you might flunk the ‘Great Hair Day’ test.

So, what’s the real deal — does a smooth operator, Keratin, play nice with a stern taskmaster, Rebonding? In our next chapter, we’ll unravel this hairy mystery, so hang tight! It’s like the hair world’s ‘Avengers vs. Justice League.’ Only here, we’re hoping they’ll team up for a spectacularly frizz-free finale!

can i do rebonding after keratin treatment
can i do rebonding after keratin treatment

Chapter 2: Combating Misconceptions

We’ve dipped our toes into the glossy waters of keratin treatments and waded through the steamy mists of hair rebonding. Now, you lovely lock-tamers, it’s time to tackle the big, hairy question: Can we double down on hair pampering? Is it a big fat hairdo or a big fat hair-don’t to pair rebonding with keratin?

First, let’s dispel some myths faster than a conditioner untangles your knots. The Double-Dip Deception is a term I just coined (pretty snazzy, suitable?) for the belief that you can slap a keratin treatment on top of a rebonding session like peanut butter on toast. Newsflash: Your hair is not bread, and this isn’t brunch. These treatments are more like rival divas—powerful alone but a hot mess together.

So, here’s the Breakage Breakdown, and no, it’s not a new dance move. Imagine each hair strand as a delicate silk thread holding up your chandelier of fabulousness. Keratin treatments smooth out the frizz, kind of like ironing that silk. Now in struts rebonding, which doesn’t just iron; it forcefully yanks and restraightens those threads. Do it too soon after keratin, and snap! There goes your chandelier, crashing down to a bundle of split ends and tears.

What’s the damage? Essentially, think of your newly keratin-infused threads embarking on a tropical vacay, when suddenly they’re abducted by a gang of rebonding bandits. Yeah, it’s that traumatic for your tresses. Too much chemistry too fast, honey, no matter what that eager stylist spouts while eyeing your wallet.

Remember, navigating hair care is less ‘follow-the-yellow-brick-road’ and more ‘Indiana Jones dodging haircare booby traps.’ But don’t sweat it; keep calm, condition on, and read up before you decide to go jump into that salon chair like it’s a game of musical chairs with your hair’s health at stake.

Chapter 3: Patience is a (Hair) Virtue

Ever heard of the phrase, “Patience is a virtue?” Usually, that’s someone’s cutesy way of telling you to chill out while they take an hour debating the merits of red versus hot pink nail varnish. But when it comes to hair care, patience is the name of the game.

So, let’s chat about timing. Yes, I know; Tenielle at the office had her hair Keratin treated and rebonded on the same day with zero breakage. Send me an invite the next time she walks on water, right? Kidding aside, timing is one of the most underplayed aspects of hair care. This isn’t your grandma’s stew, where everything can be thrown in one pot. Keratin and rebonding treatments are akin to chemical warfare on hair—only less dramatic and definitely more fabulous. Too soon, you end up with broken enemies, ehm, hairs. It’s too late, and you’re back to square one. Frustrating, no?

Now, for the million-dollar question, “When is your hair ready for more?” Sigh. If hair talked, right? Kids, this is why they invented the strand test. It’s your magic 8-ball for hair decisions. Don’t baptize your full mop in a comedy of chemicals without testing on a few unsuspecting hair soldiers first. It’s like using red lipstick as a foundation—brave but tragically misguided.


And if you brushed off strand tests thinking they’re for wimps, let me paint you a picture. Ever witnessed a chagrined woman at the salon, praying to the hair gods while her scalp smokes? Yeah. Don’t be her. Remember, your hair needs time to recuperate, like in reality TV celebrity relationships. The longer the gap, the less the drama. So, patience, my dear reader, is not just a virtue; it’s your hair’s saving grace.

Chapter 4: Expert Opinions That Matter

Alright, my hair-obsessed populace – it’s time to tune out your know-it-all cousin’s advice and let the real pros take the stage.

The stylists and trichologists (you know, those people with actual degrees in hair science) have unanimously voted, and the verdict is that enabling the Rebond-Keratin tag team on your precious tresses may be akin to inviting Godzilla and King Kong to a tea party at your house. A tad dramatic? Maybe. But these professionals didn’t spend decades mastering hair science to watch you play Russian roulette with your locks, did they?

You see, Rebonding and Keratin treatments are like the Batman and Superman of hair treatments – both superheroes in their own right, but they have a hankering issue while teaming up. Why? Aside from possibly burning a hole in your pocket, these treatments target different problems and perform distinct roles. It’s akin to throwing a cat and a dog into the same room and expecting them to be buddies from the get-go.

But don’t go canceling your salon appointment in despair just yet! Remember, your hairdresser isn’t just someone who makes you fabulous every month.

Think of them like your hair therapist, equipped with all the juicy info about your hair’s whos, whats, whys, and hows – and they are only a consultation away. Don’t settle for anything less than an award-winning performance for your crowning glory! After all, the person who holds the scissors holds the power, right? It’s time to make that relationship even more special. Following your hairdresser’s precise instructions could make your hair flip worthy of a slow-mo Pantene ad one day.

So, before you flirt with the latest hair trend, swing by your hairdresser’s chair for a chit-chat. Remember, in the world of hair, an expert opinion is worth its weight in gold (or, in this case, hair gel).

can i do rebonding after keratin treatment
can i do rebonding after keratin treatment

Chapter 5: Tress-ed to Impress: The Right Aftercare

Let’s blaze into Chapter 5, folks, where we crack the code on aftercare, and no, we aren’t talking about the eerie horror-flick kind. Your hair has survived the straightening battlefield, and it’s now screaming for some TLC. Nope, ignoring those cries isn’t an option.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty – the do’s and don’ts of post-treatment pilgrimages. Here’s the gospel truth – dousing your hair in high-quality conditioner isn’t just good practice; it’s a holy sacrament. Treat yourself to weekly deep-conditioning sessions like some ancient tribal ritual because, well… it is.

Avoid hair torment tools – no comb can exude tangles like your fingers. Sizzling straighteners? Kick them to the curb! Heat is the Freddy Krueger to your hair’s Elm Street; avoid it like that vegan, gluten-free doughnut someone’s trying to pawn off on you.

Also, don’t be tempted by the constant call of the shampoo bottle until at least 72 hours have passed post-treatment. Trust me; it’s like texting your ex at 2 AM. It seems like a brilliant idea then, but the following regret is immense.

Phew! Armed with this wisdom, brace yourself for Chapter 6. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be hair-raising!


Well, well, well! Look who’s made it to the end of this hairy tale. Let’s cut (no pun intended) to the chase, shall we? Can you do rebonding after keratin treatment? The answer is… *drumroll* Yes, you can! But, hold your horses, Rapunzel. It’s not as simple as grabbing cash and binge-treating your locks.

You see, dear reader, the magic lies in making an informed decision. Consult your newly acquired best friend (a.k.a., your hairdresser) and gauge if your tresses can take the heat (literally). After all, nobody likes drama – not on TV, nor our heads!

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