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Navigating Hair Care: Can I Get a Keratin Treatment After a Perm?


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Can I Get a Keratin Treatment After a Perm

can i get a keratin treatment after a perm
Can I Get a Keratin Treatment After a Perm

Ah, the quest for perfect hair – that elusive, can i get a keratin treatment after a perm mythical creature we all so desperately seek? Much like the never-ending debate between the existence of unicorns and the number of licks it takes to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop, the Perm vs. Keratin battle rages on. But wait – can they coexist? Like cats and dogs living in harmony? Let’s dive into this hair-raising issue, shall we?

Picture this: You’ve just permed your hair in the pursuit of luscious curls, but now your locks are thirstier than a camel in the Sahara. Enter the trusty Keratin treatment, swooping in like Superman to rescue your frazzled strands. But hold your horses, fine-haired friends! Before mixing these two chemical concoctions, let’s pause for a minute and see if blending perms and keratin treatments results in the mane masterpiece you’ve dreamed of or if you’ll end up looking like you got caught in a wind tunnel.

Stay tuned, dear reader, as we embark on this rollercoaster ride of hair knowledge. Your adventure is just beginning…


The Perm: A Love-Hate Relationship

Oh, the perm – that coiffure chameleon that’s been curling up on heads since the roarin’ 1920s. The perm has shape-shifted through the decades, flexing from the tight poodle curls of our grandmothers’ era to the looser, beachy waves of today’s Instagram influencers. Alongside the evolution of the style, the technology has also permed up, swapping harsh chemicals for kinder formulas that promise bounce without brittleness.

Now, let’s talk about the perks of the perm because everybody loves a good curl. It gives straight-laced locks a whirl on the wild side, injecting volume into the hair and—with enough hairspray—a style that could withstand a hurricane. But it’s not all sunshine and soft ringlets; there’s a darker side to this hair hero.

can i get a keratin treatment after a perm
can i get a keratin treatment after a perm

Hello, damage! Perms, particularly old-school variety, could wave goodbye to your hair’s health faster than fashion trends change. They can leave your tresses drier than a stand-up comic’s wit and more brittle than a cookie under a sledgehammer. And while newer, gentler perms have entered the stage, combining it with other treatments still twists in the wind. So, my dear hair specialists, we hair- and our journey to the enigma: Can one strut their stuff down keratin lane after taking a turn on perm street? Stay tuned and keep your strands in line – it’s about to get hairy.

Keratin Treatments: The Hair-Saving Hero?

Ladies and Gentlemen, buckle up because we’re diving into the deep end of hair science. Ever wondered what’s the secret behind that fabulously straight, silk-like hair of your favourite celebrities? It’s the venerable ‘Keratin Treatment!’ – No, it’s not witchcraft, it’s science, darling.

The theory is simple: Keratin, a protein found in our hair, skin, and nails, is used to enhance the structure and improve the health of your dearly beloved locks. The treatment acts like a shield against the pesky humidity and harmful external factors. Voila, you get smooth, manageable hair with fewer frizz tantrums.

Now, you might think, “Great! Sign me up!” Hold your horses, Rapunzel. Let’s weigh in on the pros and cons first. It’s like having a good hair day every day – no frizz, tangles, and faster drying times (Adios, hair dryers!). Life sounds perfect.

But, dear reader, it gets real too fast. According to the gossip in the salon’s grapevine, potential side effects exist. Some folks have reported skin irritations and hair breakage, not to mention the possible formaldehyde fiasco. It’s rare but natural, and as they say, there’s no rainbow without a bit of rain.

Remember, life is entirely of trade-offs, as is the haircare world. One must always strike a balance between one’s hair aspirations and one’s well-being. Be wise as you journey down the boulevard of ‘Hair’ dreams.

The Great Debate: Perm First or Keratin First?

Ah, the age-old hair problem: should we perm first or dive headfirst into a keratin treatment like a pelican into a fish-filled sea? Does it matter? Does anything matter? (Yes, it does! Just stick with me, okay?)


Ladies and gents, so many myths surround the hair-straightening and curling universe—it’s like we’re trapped in a soap opera written by bored hair aficionados. One of the most entertaining hair myths you will hear (often from Aunt Edna, who still uses curling irons from the 90s) is that treating your hair with keratin after a perm will cause your luscious locks to revolt. The truth? It’s about as accurate as Aunt Edna’s “antique” curling irons.

Please don’t treat your hair with keratin and perm solutions like they’re going out of style (they’re not, trust me).

Your hair needs its beauty sleep, too, you know. Don’t be that person who thinks, “Ah well, I guess I’ll just switcheroo and do a perm after my keratin treatment for kicks!” Without skipping a beat, let me tell you, that’s a big no-no!

There is symmetry and balance in the universe and your hair treatments. It’s like a secret law the hair gods didn’t want you to know, but here I am, breaking regulations and risking hair exile. The secret? Timing! If you’ve permed your hair, wait for a suitable period before introducing it to the joyous wonders of keratin. Like a good wine, things improve over time (or, in this case, they don’t combust).

can i get a keratin treatment after a perm
can i get a keratin treatment after a perm

So, if you were looking for some thrilling hair adventure, sorry to disappoint, but this is about as exciting as it gets! Remember, no quick switches and no homemade hair experiments (looking at you, DIY-ers). Follow the rules, love your hair, and embrace the joys of balance and timing in your hair care routine. No hair was harmed while making this blog; we’d like to keep it that way.

Happy hair caring, folks! Enjoy riding the head-turning waves or proudly strut your straight, shimmering locks. Remember, even in the wild world of hair science, order matters. And you thought your hair didn’t have its special laws…

Ask the Experts: Tips for Mixing Perm and Keratin

Ah, good old trusted hair tips from the pros – always there to rescue us from our unpredictability. The very same heroes who tell us, ‘No Karen, green is not your color’, or ‘Babe, maybe don’t cut your bangs in the fit of quarantine boredom?’

Sarcasm aside, when you decide to jump straight into the coliseum, battling it out with both perms and keratin treatments, folks, it’s time to call on these hair whisperers. Firstly, they’ll ask you to pause and examine your calendar. What’s on the horizon? A beach vacation? The Arctic vortex? Your boss’s retirement party where you plan to make a big impression? Timing your treatments is like perfecting a dance routine. You don’t want to be doing the Mambo when everyone else is doing the Macarena, you know?

Take your perm, for instance. It’s like that relative who overstays their welcome at family events.

You’ve got to give it a good six weeks before you even utter the ‘K’ word. You know which one. Yes, Keratin. The relationship between keratin treatment and a perm is as complex as my ex’s status updates. Hair treatments, unlike love interests, need healthy space to work their magic.

Suppose you’ve got your hair-near sorted (that’s hair calendar, for the uninitiated). Go, rockstar! But don’t forget, in between these treatments, your tresses need some serious TLC. I don’t mean a clichéd candle-lit dinner. I mean hydration, nutrition, and regular trims. Think balanced diet, minus the horror of celery juice. A dash of olive oil, a hint of avocado mask, and a generous dose of patience, voila! You’re moseying down the boulevard to excellent hair health.

Remember, toddlers are the ones who refuse to nap, not your hair. So, give them a break between treatments. Unless, of course, you fancy a mop that resembles an over-fried french fry. Oh, what a delicious disaster that could be! Damn, now I’m craving fries!

When Enough is Enough: Avoiding Hair Overload

Oh, dear hair enthusiasts, how well we know that all those chemical treatments make your luscious locks look fabulous – until they don’t. Wait, what? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time when enough is enough. And today, we’ll learn to recognize when our hair needs a break, talk about hair health, and discuss alternatives to chemical treatments. So grab your hairbrush and keep scrolling!

You see, dear reader, our hair has this funny way of shouting “STOP!” when subjected to one too many treatments. It’s like a tiny hair rebellion: breakage, split ends, dryness, and loss of elasticity are just a few telltale signs that your hair is waving a white flag. So, listen up and give those strands some well-deserved TLC.

Now, let’s chat about hair health. It’s not just about looking fabulous at your next soiree (although we know that’s important, too); it’s about treating your hair like the delicate, luxurious crown that it is. After all, health is wealth. So give your tresses the same loving care you’d give to your pet unicorn or, you know, yourself.

“But how,” you ask, “can I do that without completely abandoning my quest for perfect hair?

Fear not! There are alternatives to chemical treatments. Like a plot twist in your favorite rom-com, consider natural ingredients and DIY masks – Mother Nature knows her stuff. Or hey, why not embrace your hair au naturel? That’s right, my beautifully coiffed compatriots: sometimes, the best treatment is no treatment. Your hair might surprise you and reward your restraint with its magical charm.

So there you have it: the secret to avoiding hair overload. Remember to pay attention to the signs, prioritize hair health, and explore those alternatives. Your magnificent mane will indeed thank you! And who knows, maybe there’s a happily ever after in your haircare story, too.


Ah, navigating the hair care world is akin to crossing the Amazon without a map; it’s wild and overwhelming, and you might encounter a few piranhas. To perm or not to perm before a keratin treatment is today’s Shakespearean dilemma, folks. But after dancing through the do’s and don’ts, the good, the bad, and the frizzy, we’ve landed at a crossroads. Remember, keratin could be your hair’s knight in shining armor or the last straw on the camel’s back. Ultimately, it’s a personal journey. Embrace your locks, whether they’re twisted by a perm or smoothed down by keratin. After all, your hair, your rules!

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