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Unlocking Your Style: Can I Style My Hair After a Keratin Treatment?


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Can I Style My Hair After Keratin Treatment

can i style my hair after keratin treatment
Can I Style My Hair After Keratin Treatment

Unlocking Your Style: can i style my hair after keratin treatment? So, you’ve finally joined the league of smooth and shiny hair enthusiasts, huh? Congratulations! But, oh dear, do you even know what’s a keratin treatment? *sigh* Fear not, as your hairstyling savior is here to rescue you! Simply put, a keratin treatment is like a magical elixir that makes your hair smoother, shinier, and more manageable. How? It infuses your hair with that much-needed keratin protein (yep, your hair craves it), which repairs and strengthens your luscious locks. Ta-daa!

Now, the big question – why on earth would you care for your hair differently post-treatment? Spoiler alert: It’s because you want the magic to last! Doesn’t nobody have time for short-lived sorcery, am I right? Your newly treated hair needs some TLC (tender, loving care) and some pampering to strut its stuff on your head, looking fabulous for weeks or months. In short, a unique hair care routine will keep your mane in good shape and maintain that keratin treatment charm.

Stay tuned as we dive deep into the dos and don’ts of post-keratin hair care because great keratin comes with great responsibility. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (or, should I say, your hair) covered! Trust me, by the end of this blog, you’ll transform into a hair care sensei! Now, moving on…


Hands Off! No Touchy! – The First Three Days Post Keratin Treatment

Hands Off! No Touchy! – The First Three Days of keratin Treatment

Hold your horses, dear friend! You must show unbelievable restraint during the first three days after your keratin treatment. That’s right, resist the urge to touch, brush, or style your hair. It’s during this time that your hair undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis. Your locks take on a new personality – one that’s shinier, smoother, and a lot less frizzy, might I add! So, let them rest and enjoy the process.

Behind the scenes, the keratin treatment is busy bonding with your hair cuticles, creating a fabulous protective shield. It’s like the Keratin Fairy Godmother visiting your hair and waving her magic wand. One could almost say it’s magic! However, poking around and disturbing your hair during this crucial period might ruin the enchantment and leave you with half-transformed locks (cue horror music).

So, what do you do instead? Put on your invisible “Do Not Touch” sign and do the unthinkable – leave your hair alone. Watch in awe as your mane transforms on its own, and dream of the fabulous hairstyles you can flaunt after these crucial three days. Remember, good things come to those who wait *wink*.

can i style my hair after keratin treatment
can i style my hair after keratin treatment

Splash! Hair Meets Water…Four Days Later

BAM! Four days post your keratin treatment. You wake up. There you are, staring at your reflection in the mirror. Those sleek, gorgeous locks you dreamed of. You’re finally allowed to wash that magnificent mane. But wait, you can’t just pass it willy-nilly. This isn’t an ordinary shower; this is a “Keratin Treatment Shower.”

You get your shampoo, check the label, and bam again, “Sulfates!” Your shampoo is packed with them. Much like those burritos you love, but this filling is not the chicken you’re expecting. Sulphate is the villain, going Supergirl on your poor keratin hair, eloping with pieces of your treatment with each wash.

I guess it’s time for you. You have to break up with your sulfates-filled shampoo. Hey, at least it’s not you; it’s the sulfates. Ladies and gentlemen, break-ups are much more accessible at a supermarket aisle.

So, you wander the supermarket aisles, dump all the sulfate lovers, and hook up with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

All those shampoo commercials still airing in your brain clouds now come to your rescue. It’s like switching to that less attractive yet healthier chickpea salad over the mouth-watering burger, more like a forced cohabitation with benefits—if keeping your hair smooth, soft, and shiny can be seen as a perk.

Now, back to the shower, imagine yourself in slow motion, compelling background music, flipping that freshly washed keratin-treated hair. The reality? It’s less glamorous and more strategic.

You’re like a secret agent tasked with infiltrating the enemy base—but the enemy base is your hair and your mission: “keep the fertile lands of keratin-rich hair alive for as long as possible.”

So folks, dare we say it’s just not a wash, it’s an art form, it’s a science, it’s a social responsibility. The life of your keratin-treated hair is now in your shampoo-filled hands. Choose wisely, my friend. Tune in for our next episode on “The Life and Times of Keratin-treated Hair.”

Going out on a Limb – Styling Hair after a Keratin Treatment

Hello, hair-obsessed humans! Wouldn’t it be handy if our hair came with user instructions like our latest iPhone or iPad? But sadly, it doesn’t. Therefore, stepping out with post-keratin treatment hair that screams “handle with care” can be puzzling, especially when you have a scalp of questions like, “Can I use scrunchies or not?” “When can I rock a ponytail again?” Keep calm and keratin on because we have all your answers.

For the first three days after your keratin treatment, your hair would rather you didn’t fondle it too much; thank you very much! Though it’s a tough ask, trust the process and give hair accessories a wide berth. Do you know how overbearing guests overstay their welcome? Precisely the sentiment our hair has for clips, headbands, and those adorable yet harmful scrunchies during this period!

Why the strict no-touchy rule, you ask? Well, your newly treated hair is more delicate than a soufflé at this time.

So, any clips, bands, or rough handling can leave unsightly dents that have a stunning knack of ruining your day. They often define themselves as hair’s equivalent to a spectacularly failed Pinterest DIY project. So, stick to your flat hair routine and pray to the gods of patience.


And then, voila! Day four – the most awaited day in the post-keratin world! Imagine waking up with the hair gods smiling down at you and the birds singing in the background. On this glorious day, not only can you wash your hair, but you’re also free to style it however you like! Yes, you heard it right! It’s time to break out those hair accessories that have gathered dust for the past three days! But remember, compliment your hair’s new-found freedom with kindness, or else you might just find yourself on the business end of a bad hair day.

can i style my hair after keratin treatment
can i style my hair after keratin treatment

So go ahead and reveal your inner diva. Curl, crimp, straighten, wave, or go wild. Tie it up, let it down, or channel a punk rock mohawk if your heart desires. After a little tiff with accessories, your hair is ready to play again. So, hop along and unlock infinite styling possibilities at your fingertips.

And remember, folks, treat your hair like you’d treat yourself on a spa day—pamper it, love it, and treat it well! Your hair, after all, is your crowning glory. Now, isn’t that something to “head”-line about? Don’t worry, I’m here all week!

Maintain the Mane – Care after a Keratin Treatment

After giving your hair an elegant keratin treatment, it’s all about the how and when of maintenance, my dear friends. Now lend me those silky ears because you’re about to learn how to strategically wash your locks. Impressed? Well, I’m just getting started.

Now, let’s wander through this hallowed Hair National Park after our ‘keratin-adas.’ Your newly-treated hair needs you to be easygoing on the cleaning front. For those of you who have a, let’s say, ‘conjoined at the hip’ relationship with your shampoo, parting ways can be challenging, I know! However, remember what good old Shakespeare said about parting being sweet sorrow? Well, he was talking about curtailing your washing frenzy to just 2-3 times a week and save your precious keratin from taking a plunge every time you hit the shower.

Now, with all these new restrictions, I hear you ask, “What about the ‘my hair feels greasy’ days?

Fear not, the not-so-conventional dry shampoo is here to rescue! It’ll help your hair keep its date and fresh without reducing the keratin on your head faster than melting ice in the summers.

Now taking a sharp turn and moving on to the beauty aisle in the supermarket. Shopping for your hair post this treatment becomes a mini-IAS examination. And no, don’t roll your eyes at me. Ever tried decoding the gibberish written on the back of your shampoo bottle? It’s like ancient hieroglyphs. Remember, ‘chlorine’ and ‘sulfates,’ the sworn enemies of your keratin, are lurking in the shadows everywhere. So, brush up your decoding skills or pick up products labelled ‘sulfate-free’ and ‘chlorine-free.’ It’s simpler and safer, let me tell you.

So, folks, that’s all for this chapter of “Maintaining the mane,” where we forayed into strategic hair washing and finding Sherlock the Shampoo. Next up! Are you ready to learn the friendly and not-so-friendly tools in the world of keratin-treated hair? Let’s dive in!

[P.S: A quick shoutout to all our esteemed stylists who have gone through this ordeal of reading ancient hieroglyphs and handpicking the best products for us. We owe you a Starbucks!]

Making Waves with a Keratin Treated Mane

Alright, so you made it past the Keratin treatment and your hair looks smoother than a snake on skateboards. But wait, we also have some curly comrades reading this, don’t we? Fear not, curl champs. Post-treatment, your locks can be styled just the way they were before, only now they’ll have that much-needed silky sheen.

Daydreaming already about those Hollywood-style beachy waves? Grab your curling iron. But hold your horses, don’t just dive in. If you’re picturing iron marks or burnt hair, you’re not entirely wrong. Go in all guns blazing, and your iron could become a foe in your Keratin journey. Are you finding it ironic? Me too. The key here is moderation. Apply a heat protectant before curling or straightening your hair. This way, your Keratin-treated hair will maintain its well-earned shine while enviously sporting those loose waves you adore. So, with loose waves or tight curls, with Keratin, you’re in total control.

Conclusion: Your Hair, Your Keratin, Your Rules

Let’s wrap this up like a fresh perm on a sultry summer day – quick and snappy. Here’s the skinny: carve out your own hair care manifesto post-keratin style. Treat your tresses with a tailored routine that matches your life’s rhythm and hit the streets knowing your mane is as unique as your fingerprint. Own it, flaunt it, live by it. Sass, class, and a touch of smart-alecky – because darling, hair today, style forever.

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