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Key Guidelines for Hair Coloring After Keratin Treatment: Unraveling the Dos and Don’ts


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Hair Coloring After Keratin Treatment

hair coloring after keratin treatment
Hair Coloring After Keratin Treatment

Ladies and gentlemen, gather all your split ends and frizzy mess around. The most interesting is hair coloring after a keratin treatment, and let’s agree, the most fun part of our hair care saga has arrived – the hair coloring! But here’s the catch – you’ve had a keratin treatment too! So, what do we do? I see you picturing a tussle between Keratin Treatment and your fancy hair color, like a boxing match in your hair. So how does it all work? Do we sit on the edge, biting our nails, waiting for the winner, or can they both escape unscathed? Please put on your imaginary lab goggles as we dive into the do’s and don’ts of balancing that killer keratin treatment and the oomph of extravagant hair coloring. Pop some corn; this is about to get hair-raising, literally!


The Role of Keratin Treatment

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up as we dive into keratin treatment’s smooth, silky world. Ah, keratin treatment, our trusted companion, ensures our hair remains as soft as a baby’s bottom and glossy as a supermodel’s. Now, what the heck does this magical potion do to our hair? Easy peasy. It swaddles your hair into a silky cocoon of goodness, fortifying each innocent strand to its core. Once applied, keratin forms a non-negotiable contract with your hair, with terms and conditions stating that it must stay put for two weeks to bind and deeply penetrate your locks.

It’s like that overinvolved grandma who fusses over you, ensuring you’re well-fed (in this case, your hair). Now comes the shush time, the fi-rst-two-we-eks. Yes, repeat this like a mantra. Why? Imagine putting jelly in a shaking tray; it just won’t hold! Similarly, the initial two weeks after your treatment are precisely when the overnight celebrity, Mr. Keratin, needs to settle down, abide by his contract, and start fortifying your hair.

Oh, one more thing. Do not even dare to wash your hair with anything else but a gentle sulfate-free shampoo during this time. It’s like feeding our diva, Mr. Brazilian Keratin, an organic, gluten-free diet. Have you got it?

So, take these two weeks to catch up on your Netflix, read that book you’ve been putting off, or better yet, learn a dance routine! Trust us, it’s all worth it. The result? A luscious head of hair that is, dare we say, too sexy for your shower cap.

Remember, this two-week period is the sacred time of hair enlightenment. So, be a patient grasshopper and let the keratin do its thing. Because, yes, great hair awaits those who wait!

hair coloring after keratin treatment
hair coloring after keratin treatment

What You Shouldn’t Do Post-Keratin Treatment

Oh, the forbidden fruits! Let’s talk about the top things you shouldn’t do after getting a keratin treatment, especially involving hair color. It’s like getting a tattoo – you don’t just hop in the pool right afterward, do you? So bear with me as we explore the treacherous land of post-keratin no-nos that’ll make your hair curse your name (or look terrible).

Back away from the hair coloring aisle for a while, my friend. You see, keratin and hair dye are like two star-crossed lovers that can’t seem to meet at the right time. While your hair is still basking in the glory of its fresh keratin treatment, it’s in no mood to accept another chemical-infused makeover. Do we need to channel the Superman vs. Batman rivalry in your head? I think not.

Coloring your hair immediately after the keratin treatment is almost as blasphemous as pouring ketchup on your chocolate cake. In the first two crucial weeks, your lovely locks still embrace the newfound keratin, and they don’t want any distractions (*cough* hair dye *cough*). If you break this golden rule, they might even have a tantrum and look like a hot mess.

And there you have it. The secret to fully reaping the benefits of your hair transformation – and looking fabulous through it all – is to maintain a little patience. Trust us, that new shade of hair color will wait for you on the shelves, but messing up your locks because of impatience is undoubtedly not worth the risk, dear reader!

What Happens When You Disregard the Guidelines

Is your idea of fun ignoring expert advice on the dos and don’ts of hair care? Did you chuckle through this informative blog, thinking, “Pfft, rules don’t apply to me?” Stay put and make yourself comfy because here’s a preview of what happens when you disregard the guidelines. Spoiler alert: it’s not pretty.

Firstly, let’s talk about that oh-so-risky cocktail of coloring your hair right after a keratin treatment. If you proceed with this daring act, you’ll win the “Patchy, Uneven Hair” award. Color will refuse to stick to those rebellious strands, and your crowning glory will look like a confused masterpiece. So, congratulations on throwing your money down the drain with spectacular flair!

Now, let’s dive into your psyche for a moment – maybe you’re thinking, “I can handle patchiness, but surely, they’re exaggerating the damage.” Darling, no one is exaggerating and coloring your hair too soon after a keratin treatment, which means kissing the life and smoothness of your tresses goodbye. We’re talking tangles and premature keratin washouts. Beautiful, right? You’re sabotaging your hair; we can only imagine the fierce selfie game you’ll be rocking.


So, to sum up, ignoring those expert guidelines isn’t the wisest, most attractive decision you could make. But who are we to stand in the way of your fearless hair adventures? Just remember to invest in an excellent hat collection, which will be helpful in case of hair disasters.

hair coloring after keratin treatment
hair coloring after keratin treatment

Time to Color? Understanding the When and How

Okay, so you’ve done your Keratin treatment and itching to color your hair to revamp the new glossy, smooth hair you have. But stop right there, my friend! The golden rule – the holy grail of all hair care post-keratin – is to wait at least two weeks. Yep, I can hear the sighs of Coloring Caution!

Now, why this waiting period, you ask? Picture Tom Cruise trying to get access to Fort Knox immediately after a paint job; it’s mission impossible! Your hair, protected and sealed by the Keratin, won’t let the color molecules penetrate easily, resulting in an uneven application. Hold your horses and let your hair and Keratin play nice for two weeks.

Now, after these two weeks, the world is your hair-colouring oyster. Be it a sassy blonde, a fiery red, or classic black, freedom is knocking at your hair roots, so answer it! But remember, your less-than-a-month-old keratin treatment needs TLC, so keep the straightening irons to no more than 180°C. And voila! You’ve mastered the art of safe hair coloring post-Keratin therapy. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy… or should I say, hair squeezy?

Just remember, patience is the key here. Patience and not wishing for your hair to look like a botched abstract painting!

Toners, Henna, and Even Bleaching after Keratin Treatment

Step right up! We have come to the most breathtaking, head-spinning part of our keratin-coloring saga – using toners, henna, and the mother of all hair transformations, bleach, after a keratin treatment. Bonkers, right? But hold onto your brushes; this is where the magic (and science, mostly science) happens!

Firstly, toners. They’re like the misunderstood middle child of the hair world. Yes, toners can help banish brassiness, but our feisty keratin doesn’t always play well with them. Their ‘color-correcting’ pigments can argue with the keratin, leading to lackluster results. Do you want hair that’s more lackluster than a weekend marathon of paint drying? No, I didn’t think so.

Next, Henna. Hold right there if you’re picturing turning your hair into a canvas to draw intricate patterns! We’re talking about Antenna-based hair dyes here. But remember how serious we were about that ‘two-week gap’ after a keratin treatment? Yep, I’m still standing firm on that one!

Ah, bleach! The notorious bad boy in the hair world! Bleaching post-keratin? Well, brace yourself. It’s like inviting a Tasmanian devil to a tea party. It’s not a definite no, but you better be armed with professional advice and patience. Patience, my fabulous friends, is the most stylish virtue.

So, there you go! A quick dive into toners, henna, and bleaching post-keratin. Remember, it’s not just about looking fabulous; it’s about intelligent, striking a balance of fabulous and informed. Now, aren’t we all a little brighter (and sassier)?

Maintaining Your Newly Colored, Keratin-Treated Hair

After literally taming your tresses with that excellent keratin treatment and serving it with a playoff of colors, you might think your hair care job is done. Uh-uh. Like mastering a Lizzo flute solo, maintaining your newly colored, keratin-treated hair has its hits and tricks. One pivotal game-changer is using sulfate-free shampoos. And no, it’s not merely a glossy marketing phrase.

Sulfate is that no-good hair bully that swipes away the color and keratin charm from your hair faster than a sales rack gets empty during Black Friday. So, ladies and gentlemen, swap that astringent, enemy-of-the-state shampoo in your bathroom with a kinder, sulfate-free variant.

What more you ask? Give heat styling tools a break. Excessive heat can ruin your high school reunion-worthy hair. It’s akin to following a healthy diet and then assaulting your stomach with late-night pizza and soda. Not a smart move, right?

Here’s the deal. Maintaining that ravishing color and silky smooth keratin-treated hair isn’t akin to decoding the Da Vinci Code. All it requires is tender, loving hair care and the right products. Remember our sulfate-free mantra and keep the hairdryer on a hiatus. It’s never been so easy to have a good hair day, every day!


Well, there you have it, folks! Investing in a keratin treatment need not mean bidding adieu to your hair coloring aspirations. Bid your worries goodbye and embrace the yin and yang of hair care – balancing the life-giving keratin treatment and the vibrant joy of hair coloring. Patience is a virtue, especially when waiting two weeks after your keratin treatment. Never forget: even Good Hair Days require planning! And while you’re at it, make sure to shower your lustrous locks with some sulphate-free love! After all, why settle for less when you can have frizz-free, colored brilliance?

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