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Unlocking the Secrets: How Does Keratin Treatment Work on Your Hair?


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How Does Keratin Treatment Work

how does keratin treatment work
How Does Keratin Treatment Work

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your popcorn! It’s time to unlock the secrets of our enchanting diva – how does keratin treatment work? By diva, I don’t mean Ariana Grande serenading into your ears but the rockstar of your hair game. Trust me, Keratin might not have a Grammy, but it’s keeping your hair from performing an Adele (Breaking Apart, get it?).

Debuting into the world of follicles, Keratin is the protein that acts as your hair’s bodyguard, covered in a tough exterior, armed to fight off any breakage, damage, or dryness your delicate strands may have to face. Your hair is more keratin than hair. Imagine your hair as a fashionable street in New York, but instead of paving with cobblestone, it’s keratin down.

But here’s the plot twist; much like a romantic comedy, our protagonist faces setbacks. Hair, the drama queen it is, starts losing keratin due to one too many rounds with chemical treatments, exposure to the cruel madness of the weather, and the sheer audacity of existence. Enter our knight in shining armor – keratin supplements. With a mission to fill in the gaps where keratin has been depleted, these heroes reinforce our dwindling keratin troops. And as subtly as slipping in a Friends reference in a conversation, they aid in combatting frizz and giving your hair the TLC it deserves.

So, the next time you’re binging Netflix, remember, just like Ross needed Rachel, your hair needs keratin. Ultimately, they were all “on a (hair) break”. And that, my friends, is the essence of keratin’s melodramatic but imperative saga in your hair story.


Keratin: The Hair Doc in a Bottle

Let’s talk about a supermodel’s secret weapon – the Brazilian blowout. Sounds fancy? Well, this isn’t some exotic drink to sip on a beach while lazily soaking up the sun. It’s a keratin treatment where your hair, not you, gets straightened out! Oh, the lengths we go to for beauty – quite literally, in this case!

But what’s a keratin treatment? Think of it as a sunflower in a field of dandelions. Or, for sci-fi fans – it’s like Thor’s hammer. Too dramatic? No, your hair would disagree. Experience the magic of keratin treatment and unveil the secret to Thor-worthy, lustrous hair.

In all seriousness, a keratin treatment is less about going from curly to pin-straight and more about controlling those hair tantrums. When Frizz decides to hold a grand party, you are not invited! Raise your hand if you’ve been there.

Suppose the talk about frizz gives you the chills, fret not.

Mr. Keratin has swooped in to save the day. It fills up the potholes in your hair – much like the city council that never seems to get around to it; This smoothens your hair, making humidity your new best friend. No more frizz? Yes, please!

“But what’s the Rocket Science behind the magic?” you ask. Here’s what happens when you get a keratin treatment. These tiny keratin warriors march in armed with their shields – or technically, a versed stylist applies the keratin solution to your hair. The protective keratin then percolates inside your hair structure, sealing it within the cortex. Mission accomplished – you now have frizz-free, glossy, catwalk-ready hair. It’s like a magical fairy godmother for your hair, minus the pumpkin carriage.

Of course, all this happens at a microscopic level, but I am sure we’d all love to imagine tiny warriors armed with keratin shields on our hair, wouldn’t we?

how does keratin treatment work
how does keratin treatment work

The relationship between Keratin and Porosity

Now, my Marvel hair mavens, it’s time to dive into a technical chitchat. I apologize if it gets a bit science-y, but who doesn’t love a bit of nerd trivia… especially when it involves your crowning glory?

You might have noticed the word ‘porosity’ being bandied about on your favorite hair care products lately. No, it’s not a new buzzword for the ‘cool’; it’s a significant player in your hair health. Hair porosity refers to how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture. It sounds like something straight out of a botany textbook but stay with me.

Enter keratin! It’s more like Dumbledore waving his wand and whispering ‘Expecto Patronum’ to your porous hair problem. The keratin munches on those ‘potholes of porosity,’ filling them up, making your mane much less prone to the dangers of humidity (aka the dreaded frizz monster). Your formerly thirsty, parched tresses are turned into sleek, well-hydrated manes.

So, what’s the endgame here? With the death of humidity (thanks, Super-Keratin!), your hair takes on an appearance that can only be described as, in the technical terms of a Hollywood stylist, ‘smoother & healthier, baby.!” Yep, you’re transforming from the girl with frizzy hair crying in the corner to the one shaking her silky, fabulous locks on the dancefloor—all thanks to the wonder wizard keratin reigning supreme over the gloom of porosity.

So, if your hair has been throwing a diva tantrum lately, pull out the keratin card. Let’s continue this hair-raising journey, shall we? Whether you have straight locks, wavy tresses, or a mesmerizing wavy hair color, a keratin treatment is your passport to sleek and manageable hair.

Demystifying the Keratin Treatment Process

Alright, buttercups! Hold on to your hairbrushes; we are embarking on an enthralling adventure into the world of keratin treatments. Are you ready to tame the lion’s mane, your unruly humidity-driven frizzy hair? Great! Let’s dive in.

First and foremost, a keratin treatment is like a high school prom but for your hair. When you sign up for this hair-pampering experience, expect a bit of preparation. Your hair stylist (let’s call him Tommy) will wash your hair not once but twice with a clarifying shampoo. This is Tommy’s way of ensuring your hair’s slate is as clean as a smug yoga guru’s conscience.

He applies the keratin solution once Tommy is convinced that your hair is primed and ready for the keratin revelation. This solution might tickle your scalp, but no pain, no gain, right?

So, you must wonder, “How long will this shindig last?”

The timing can vary like a jury deciding a seasoned pickle thief’s fate. Depending on the formula used and your hair constitution, it can range from two to four hours. Just enough time to surf through dog memes or binge-watch the latest internet sensation!

Now comes the pièce de résistance – heat styling! Your hair will be dried and flat-ironed to seal the benefits of this marvelous treatment. Remember, using a flat iron that is too hot is like setting your tongue on fire and eating ghost pepper. So, dear old Tommy will use his professional judgment here. Because burning hair is, well, not so ‘sensational.’


And voila, you have silky, frizz-defying, supermodel-worthy lock styling that can laugh in the face of good old humidity. Now, strut around like the world’s your runway, and you are the star! Master the art of lock styling; every day becomes a glamorous hair show.

Of course, precautions must be taken while undergoing this hair transformation. Just like you wouldn’t mix polka dots with stripes, you must never mix keratin treatment with sodium-rich hair products! It’s a ticket to Damaged Hairville. But we’ll get there in just a bit. Stay with me, people; the next chapter in our hair-venturous story awaits!

how does keratin treatment work
how does keratin treatment work

Living in a Post-Keratin World

So, you’re post-keratin treatment and feeling like a slick, smooth hair goddess. That’s the dream. But maintaining this suave state isn’t as simple as “set it and forget it.” No siree! Let’s roll up those silky sleeves and dive into the glamourous world of post-treatment hair management.

First up, shampooing. You’d think it’s a mundane, barely worth mentioning-ritual, but you’d be wrong! Just like diet affects body shape, the wrong shampoo can weigh down your trendy tresses. Rogue sodium chloride has a knack for showing up in shampoos but listen to this Sherlock-worthy tidbit – sodium chloride is the Big Bad Wolf to our Little Red Riding Keratin. Even a hint of this nogoodnik in your shampoo could leave your hair flat like the fizz in yesterday’s soda. And who wants that? So, my friend, turn that bottle around and look at the ingredient list as if you’re studying for an exam. If sodium chloride peeks back, give it a ‘thanks but no thanks.’

Now, longevity. Getting months of the slick-hair sashay isn’t like catching a unicorn…it’s easier.

You start by playing hard to get with H2O (a.k.a. Limit your hair washing). Every time you send your strands down the rinse-and-repeat roller coaster, your hold on the keratin kingdom weakens. So, ditch that water-loving mentality and embrace dirt… well, just enough to keep the keratin guard up for longer.

Lastly, the flipside. With the glossy glow come clouds, too. Your poker-straight hair might lose its natural bounce and volume like a deflated balloon; it’s a bit of a bummer. Plus, your hairstyle might become as stubborn as a mule. Don’t plan on switching between curly and straight like some hair chameleon.

So, that’s life in a post-keratin world. With the royal high of stylish, frizz-proof, orderly hair also comes the vigilant upkeep and occasional rain on your style parade. But hey, as they say, every rose has its thorn!

Conclusion: Keratin – The Hair’s Best Friend?

Bet you didn’t think you’d be getting a master’s degree in hair health today, huh? And yet, here we are. If we take a quick saunter down memory mane, we can marvel at the wonders of the keratin treatment. Imagine sipping your latte sans frantic hair smoothening every time a breeze hits, courtesy of our frizz-busting, shine-dealing friend, Keratin.

Sounds magical? That’s because it is, my friend. But like every fairy tale, it has its wicked witch, the infamous ‘over-heating-treatment-gone-wrong,’ the stuff nightmares are made of. And the story would be incomplete without its ‘dos & don’ts’; remember, too much of a good thing can turn your crowning glory into a hair horror story.

Bottom line? Think of keratin as your hair’s BFF who has the occasional hot temper (I couldn’t resist that flat iron pun). Treat it well, heed its preferences for low-sodium products, and you’ll have locks that Rapunzel would envy. Ready for your hair to graduate magna cum laude in the ‘school of the sleek’? You’re welcome. Now flaunt your newfound hair glory and spread the gospel of Keratin!

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