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Reviving Your Waves: How to Get Curls Back After a Keratin Treatment


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How To Get Curls Back After Keratin Treatment

how to get curls back after keratin treatment
How To Get Curls Back After Keratin Treatment

Oh, the siren song of silky, sleek hair lulls us into a glossy dream where frizz is banished, and every day is a good hair day. Let’s admit it: how do I get curls back after keratin treatment? We’ve all been swayed by the promise of a head full of tame, reflect-the-sun-like-a-mirror locks. And who can blame us? A certain kind of witchcraft is involved in watching a mass of unruly curls obey the magical potion applied by the almighty stylist. It’s akin to a hair fairytale with you as the resplendent, smooth-haired monarch.

But, dear reader, remember every fairytale has its trolls—or, in this case, it’s the unpredictable rebellion of your natural tresses, yearning to spring back to life. That once sought-after straightness seems like a lackluster limbo where the waves of your youth are merely a myth told by village elders by the fireside. As your roots muster the courage to twist and turn again, you’re left with a noggin caught between two realms—straight on the ends, curly at the roots.

Navigating this journey without a map can feel like a quest across the bewitched Forest of Frizz-elda. When you think the roots are sprouting their innate twirls, the ends hang lifelessly, a constant reminder of a spell cast that can’t be shampooed away. It’s like standing at the edge of the hair horizon, staring wistfully at the land of curls that seem so close yet inherently out of reach.

And so, here you are, equipped with hope, a collection of scrunchies, and a secret desire to undo the sorcery to embark on the tumultuous path back to your natural bounce. Steady yourself for the twists and turns in this curl coaster ride!


Understanding What You’re Up Against

So, you’ve sipped the Keratin Kool-aid, eh? Swapped your waterfall of curls for a breezy sheet of sheen because who needs a 3D mane when 2D sleekness is in vogue? Well, to each their hair preference! This style shift, though, is spearheaded by something known as a Relaxer. This hair Houdini effortlessly irons out curly waves permanently; you heard it right!

Don’t mistake a Relaxer (our overzealous straightener squad) for its distant cousins, the peace-loving Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning that mildly loosens curls by reshaping your hair proteins, or the chilled Keratin Treatment. The Keratin guys party on your hair briefly, leaving a glossy finish with lesser frizz, then respectfully exit, bringing back your natural vibe. But Relaxer, oh boy! This fellow refuses to leave. Like an unwelcome couch-crashing buddy, it moves in and forgets the way out.

Here’s the hair-raising punchline: once you invite the Relaxer for its straightening soirée, it’s here to stay! As Faith Huffnagle, a veteran stylist and a specific Prose Director of education, profoundly said, “Chemical relaxers are irreversible. ” That’s right, people, irreversible! As unchangeable as your embarrassing yearbook photo or your incriminating karaoke videos. You can’t boot it out; it loiters until your hair grows naturally. Chill beats again because “it just does.”

So, if you’re already at the point of booking your appointment with the Relaxer, know precisely what you’re signing up for – a long-term commitment or a vacation fling. Remember, your hair, your rules!

how to get curls back after keratin treatment
how to get curls back after keratin treatment

The Downside of Straightening Treatments

Ah, the world of straightening treatments, where the grass always seems greener (or should I say, smoother?) on the other side. But before you hop onto that smooth hair bandwagon, let’s dive headfirst into the downside of these treatments that no one talks about.

First up is the potential for damage and overstretching. Straightening treatments can make your locks look fabulous, but there’s always a price to pay. Forget the money; we’re talking about the physical toll it takes on your precious strands. Chemicals and heat can cause savage destruction, leading to breakage and sad, limp hair. Yikes!

Next on our list of hair disasters: home kits and the irresistible urge to overprocess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good DIY project. But when it comes to your precious mane, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. With a slip of the hand or a moment of distraction, you can quickly find yourself in an irreversible hair catastrophe. Newsflash: your hair isn’t a cake that can come out of the oven “slightly overdone” and still taste great.

Lastly, let’s talk about waiting – the frustrating game no one wants to play. When it comes to hair treatments, timing is everything. Ignore the recommended waiting period between touch-ups, and you might as well lay out the red carpet for damaged hair to strut its stuff. So, learn to play the waiting game because rushing things never ends well. Trust me, your hair will thank you later.

So there you have it. Straightening treatments might seem like the key to hair nirvana, but remember, every hair flip comes with a price.

Curl Return: Fact or Fantasy?

Curl Return: Fact or Fantasy?

Ah, the age-old question: can you get those luscious locks back after a straightening treatment? Ladies and gentlemen, your natural texture is not lost forever (phew!), but it has decided to take a vacation and leave your mane hanging for a while. Fear not, it shall return, but patience shall be your ally in this journey.

Let’s talk about new growth and the hope it brings to millions of tortured hair follicles worldwide. Like a phoenix rising from the heat-damaged ashes, your natural texture will return as your hair grows. So, hold tight and kindly talk to your tresses, for they will be coming home.

But what about the straightened section that refuses to let go of its newfound identity? Well, we’re not going to sugarcoat this one: your hair will display a limp saga reminiscent of a tragic, over-acted soap opera. While the new growth heralds the return of your curly glory, the remaining treated section remains straight, stubbornly clinging to its past life as if it’s forgotten its roots (pun intended).


Navigating this period of duality may feel like an awkward middle school dance, with curly and straight strands waltzing around your head without a clue about what they’re doing. But remember, this too shall pass (eventually), and armed with a bit of humor and perhaps some stylish headwear, you’ll emerge victorious in the battle to regain your curls. So, laugh off the awkward phase, embrace the chaos atop your beautiful head, and before you know it, you’ll be skipping through fields of wavy hair dreams once again.

how to get curls back after keratin treatment
how to get curls back after keratin treatment

Navigating the Transition

Ready for a reality check? You’ve signed up for a slow-motion throwback to those awkward teenage years. No, we’re not talking about your old emo band getting back together. Once lustrous and super slick like a shampoo commercial, your hair is now into the split identity chaos. One part is stubbornly straight, the other screaming out in curls. They’re not on speaking terms, and you’re stuck in the middle. Welcome to the confusing phase of transition!

Like a Hollywood drama, there’s a hero in this story: patience. But unfortunately, patience isn’t something you can buy in a bottle at the nearest convenience store nor something that can be streamed on Netflix while you scarf down popcorn. It’s a virtue born from resilience. So take a deep breath, fasten your seatbelts, and prepare to ride the roller coaster of hair transition.

On your daily battlefront (aka your bathroom), you’ll wake up to a different hair story every morning.

Your once predictable straight hair is staging a rebellion, deciding to be curly, wavy,, or somewhere between. You’re juggling straightening products for one half and curling serums for the other. One half behaves at the drop of a hairbrush, the other cramping your style with its frizz and twirls.

Welcome to a world where your hair is half sophisticated English butler and half hyperactive toddler just out of the shower. One half stays neatly tucked in place, all sophistication and poise, while the other half is all “Let’s play tangled twister!”. And that, my friend, is living with the Schrödinger’s cat of hairstyles- you never know what you’ll get.

But don’t worry, like all great series, this too shall have a sequel. And trust me, the curls are plotting a revival. So grab that popcorn and let the drama unfold. Your epic hair journey is just beginning!

Caring For Your Healing Hair

Right then, down the rabbit hole of hair healing, we go! Welcome to the magical world of the curly girl method, an innovative (and sanity-saving) hair care approach. If you thought wrangling your hair into compliance required harsh chemicals and divine intervention, think again! This method will let your curls be free and frizzless without inciting a love-hate relationship with your mirror.

Next, let’s talk about deep conditioning. If you thought high school relationships required commitment, wait until you hear this. The drill? Once a week, no exceptions. Your hair needs hydration, especially after it’s been through the straightening wringer. Think of it as a spa day for your hair. Sure, you might spend half a Saturday with a head full of conditioner, but all’s fair in love and haircare!

Finally, there’s the possibility of the big chop. Sounds intimidating, right? But trust me, it’s not half as scary as season 8 of Game of Thrones. Are you convinced yet? No? Here’s the deal: chopping off the chemically straightened part can help expedite the journey back to Clarksville. You’ll be left with virgin hair ready to twist, twirl, and bounce to a natural glory. Yes, it’s slightly terrifying, but much like ripping off a Band-Aid or getting out of bed on a Monday morning, it eventually leads to good things!


So, my curly comrades, it’s time to embrace your roots (literally) and end those daily bathroom battles of wishing for what’s not. Remember, life may be straighter sometimes, but it’s the curls that add bounce and fun to your hair endeavors. Cheers to your upcoming coily comeback!

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