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Preventing Hair Fall Post-Keratin Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Stop Hair Loss After Keratin Treatment


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How To Stop Hair Fall After Keratin Treatment

how to stop hair fall after keratin treatment
How To Stop Hair Fall After Keratin Treatment

Buckle up, hair enthusiasts! We’re about to embark on a journey in how to stop hair fall after keratin treatment shiny, straight, and frizz-free hair popularly known as Keratin Treatment! Oh! Did you think Keratin Treatment was all sparkles and rainbows? Well, wrong! It’s more like an episode from Game of Thrones, filled with post-treatment twists and turns: hair fall, our dear friend, often tags along uninvited. Your mirror reflects less of you and more of your hairy traces each day. Annoying.

Fear not; we’ve got you covered. This guide is your haven, your bible offering solace to those experiencing the wrath of hair loss after keratin treatment. We’ll be the Lord Varys to your hair problems, providing you with some of the most effective, and yeah, life-saving tips to prevent hair fall post keratin treatment.

Read on, and you might be lucky enough to save your last meaningful strands of hair. Hey, we aren’t saying you’d go bald without our guide. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to take the necessary precautions, right? Let’s say our focus is as essential as your morning coffee. Skip it, and you’re at the mercy of a dull day and a head full of lost hair! Goodbye, boring days. Hello, luscious locks!


Understanding Hair loss

Understanding Hair Loss: Of Bald Tales and Hairy Situations

When it comes to hair loss, it’s essential to differentiate between natural shedding and excessive hair fall. Losing 100 strands a day? Normal. Losing your mind over losing your hair? You may want to read this.

First, let’s talk about common causes of hair fall. You know the usual suspects: bad diet, stress, hormonal changes, and environmental factors all contribute to those dreaded receding hairlines (or expanding bald spots, if you’re that unfortunate). But did you know that your oh-so-smooth keratin treatment may have a hand in your sudden brush with baldness?

Hold on to your (thinning) locks because we’re about to drop some hairy knowledge. Keratin treatments involve coating your hair with a protein called (you guessed it) keratin. This makes your hair sleek and shiny hair but can also weaken the hair shaft and lead to breakage – not the kind of hair-raising experience we signed up for, right?

But don’t worry, just because you decided to indulge in a keratin treatment doesn’t mean you’ll look like a hairless cat. With a better understanding of hair loss and its factors, you can manage and minimize post-treatment hair fall. After all, you don’t want to be that person who paid a fortune for flawless hair only to end up with a shiny bald head in the blink of an eye.

So, stay tuned, dear reader. We’re here to help you understand the follicular challenges you might face post-keratin treatment – challenges that leave you literally tearing your hair out. And who knows, by the end of this, you might end up with more mane knowledge than Rapunzel herself!

how to stop hair fall after keratin treatment
how to stop hair fall after keratin treatment

Simple ways to minimize hair fall after Keratin Treatment

Ah, it’s time for the crown scoop on preventing your recently keratin-treated hair from conducting a mass exodus from your scalp. So, you’ve undergone a keratin treatment, and now your shower drain looks like it’s auditioning for a horror movie. We get you and have your back…and your soon-to-be luscious locks.

Before we venture into the heart of the matter, some ground rules – keep it clean. And by it, fellow hair brethren, I mean your hair. That’s right – the day’s first order is incorporating shampoo and conditioners into your routine. Opt for a mild shampoo hair – no, not the baby one; we’re seriously talking about the ones specifically designed for our post-keratin disciples here. Follow this up with a keratin-safe conditioner that’ll dance with your hair cuticles and leave them refreshed and nourished. Remember, cleanliness is next to hair-godliness.

The next pit stop on our magnificent hair journey is Nutrition.

What’s on your plate equally affects what’s on your head. It’s time to call in the hair-friendly troops, vitamins, and proteins. Eat the alphabet if needed, and vitamin A to Z. Okay, that was a bit too much. But seriously, pounce on foods rich in vitamins A, B, and E, lean meats, and fish for a protein kickstart. This simple adjustment in your diet is like sending a love letter to your hair strands, which they’ll reciprocate with a generous ‘Thanks, but we’d prefer not to take the plunge down your shower drain.’

Now, onto the final leg of this maiden hairlogue – Brushing. The general rule of thumb is – excessively brushing = hair punishing. Apologies for the rhyme, but it had to be done. Avoid touching your hair just after a shower since it behaves like an overexcited toddler – quite vulnerable, somewhat delicate, and not open to harsh treatment. Also, if you think running a comb through your tresses 50 times will give you Rapunzel vibes, you’re in for a rude awakening. Easy does it. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed hairbrush and treat your hair like the queen it is. No mean, draggy moves allowed.

So there you have it, folks. Keep the scalp clean, feed your hair with all the proper nutrients, brush it right, and touch it lightly. Follow these tips to ensure your scalp plays gracious host to your locks and they stay put as the loyal attendees to the party that your hair is.

How your lifestyle impacts hair fall post Keratin Treatment

After bombarding our tresses with all the chemicals from a keratin treatment, we mustn’t forget the golden rule: Stay hydrated, folks! Think about it – the hair shaft is a straw made of keratin, and without enough H2O, it might throw a hissy fit and bail on your scalp. So, imagine your hair as tiny plant sprouts needing their water fix. Guzzle down those glasses and give your thirst-quenched locks a fighting chance!

Next, talk about the gym or any physical activity that doesn’t involve lifting the remote. Regular exercise keeps the hormones in check and stress in the dustbin where it belongs. Stress could be hair’s arch-nemesis, plotting against each strand by the minute. Battling stress with a bit of meditation or yoga could save not only your sanity but also your precious mane.

And, if you’re a fan of the sizzle, it’s time for a tough love session. I’m talking about the heat – the dryers, the straighteners, the works. While your hair might look ready for a runway, too much heat can make it brittle – think well-done steak versus a juicy medium-rare. Overheating is the Voldemort of the hair world, and we’re all trying to avoid “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” So, let’s keep the locks away from the dark arts of hair torture, yes?


Remember, your hair’s well-being is like a delicate dance – hydration, exercise, and keeping things cool are your steps to success. Now dance away from that blow dryer and hydrate like you’re trekking through the Sahara – your hair will thank you in spades.

how to stop hair fall after keratin treatment
how to stop hair fall after keratin treatment

Holistic remedies for hair fall management

Holistic Remedies for Hair Fall Management

Scalp massages are like first dates – a bit awkward initially, but can lead to something magical. Do your hair follicles a favor and engage them in a tête-à-tête by massaging your scalp with essential oils. Let’s play matchmaker and pair lavender with almond or sesame oil. Ooh, la la! We smell romance in the air and hair. Essential oil massages keep hair follicles active, and that’s a bit like romantic chemistry.

Sadly, not all love stories end like a Disney movie, but we have the power of Green Tea to mend those broken strands. Green Tea: the superhero our hair deserves and needs right now! Ditch your cape and rub it into your hair; the results will make you go “Holy Hair-fall, Batman!” Brew two bags of green tea in water, let it cool, and then massage your hair. Happiness is a cup of tea, so is a lush head of hair.

If the hair gods could sing, they would croon, “All you need is love and Onion Juice” (or Garlic Juice or Ginger Juice – we’re not picky!). It sounds like a hair-raising idea (pun intended), but it works! Rub one of these miracle potions on your scalp before bedtime, wash it out the following day, and be gifted with reduced hair fall after a week. We aren’t making this up; we’re just stating that fact. Onion has layers – so will your hair… give it some time!

So that’s our little secret ingredient list for hair fall management. Pssst… you can now confidently say, “Keratin treatment? Hair fall? Chad, don’t worry, I got this!” Say your thanks by trying these holistic remedies and sharing your hair-heroic adventures with us.

Minding your hair styling habits and handling Medications

Well, now, let’s begin with this enlightening discussion with hairstyles. Now, pigtails and braids may look cute on our heads, and that high ponytail – ooh, so slick! But tighten your hair too much, and you’re just signing up for follicle rip-off… and we do not mean a bargain. Unfortunately, these ‘hairdo no-nos’ are your dear hair strands’ archenemies. So, before you turn your hair into your stress ball, remember that your hair follicles are not Terminator; they won’t “be back.”

Speaking of a Terminator, certain medications kill hair growth faster than Arnold Schwarzenegger can say, “Hasta la vista, baby.” If your drugs have a laundry list of side effects, with hair loss making its star appearance, it’s high time to check in with your favorite M.D…… and for once, WebMD doesn’t cut it.

Lastly, consulting a professional or, as we like to call it, “finally asking for direction after you’ve gone around in circles.” Yes, we get it; you’ve got your independence, research skills, and mistrust in hairdressing lotions promising magical hair growth faster than gremlins. But sometimes, you have to ring up a hair specialist, unleash your hair worries, and let them lead you on the yellow brick road to luscious locks. So, take a deep breath, dial that number, and remember, there’s no place like a hair salon… for a definitive hair loss solution. Who could have thought hair, medication, and professionals would ever be mentioned in a single breath?


And there we go, my flourishing flock! From deciphering hair loss to jazzing up your lifestyle minus hair terrors, we’ve whisked through the warren of warding off hair fall post keratin treatment. Just remember, keratin is not your hair’s raincloud! Successful hair fall management is less mythology and more methodology – a game of sobriety, not sorcery.

Don’t let the conversation crumble here; let’s keep it crackling like crispy bacon on a Sunday morning! Have a hack that helped the tennis ball Ralph turn into Rapunzel? Spill the beans in the comments section! And remember, sharing is caring, except maybe when it comes to your hairbrush. Keep that to yourself!

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