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Mastering Keratin Treatment Timing: The Ultimate Guide for Perfect Hair


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Keratin Treatment Timing

keratin treatment timing
Keratin Treatment Timing

Ladies and gentlemen, keratin treatment timing behold the magical world of keratin treatments. If you’re unaware of this hair-straightening phenomenon, welcome to the what’s-about-to-be-biggest fan club. Keratin treatment, a game-changer for those annoyed with frizz and unmanageable hair, has taken the world by storm. But trust me, it’s not as simple as it sounds. CRUCIAL TIMING ALERT! Yes, you need to master the art of timing to conquer your hair desires. Want to know how? Buckle up, as we’re about to unveil the ultimate guide for perfect hair (high-five).

Think of this guide as a GPS through the land of keratin treatment. What to expect? You ask. Prepare to learn about different types of treatments, the importance of choosing the right salon and stylist, and the dos and don’ts before, during, and after the process. Sounds like a hair-mazing journey, right? So grab your (hair) brushes, and let’s glide through this smooth road of keratin treatment mastery!


Types of Keratin Treatments

Oh, there are endless types of keratin treatments available on our flipping planet! Where do we even start? Straight from the carnival of hair treatments, I give you – the Brazilian Blowout. An OG treatment from 2005, this one promises to boot out that frizz and coat your hair with a shiny layer of protein. Sounds divine. But hang on to your hats, folks. It’s pricey, and the glorious effects aren’t immortal. Instead, they remain for around three months.

Next, we have the Cezanne, named after the famous French painter (because your hair is also a work of art, darling!). This natural-sounding option is the yoga of keratin treatments: gentle, soothing, and without all the chemical hi-jinks. Cezanne, you are a breath of fresh air in a world entirely of smog!

Then, for those who like to tread lightly, we’ve got the Soft Keratin Treatment. This is the kinder, gentler sibling of the hardcore treatments, a middle ground between looking like Einstein and Rapunzel. Just a slight smooth-over, no bells and whistles. It is ideal for those who are on the fence, testing the waters, and aren’t ready for a full-blown commitment.

Keratin Treatment Timing
Keratin Treatment Timing

Finally, and importantly for the health-conscious, we have – drum roll, please – Formaldehyde-free alternatives! The vegan option, if you will. They may not pack the punch the formaldehyde flowers do, but what’s a bit of curl in the face of possible side effects?

And there you have it, ladies and gents! Your one-stop guide to the never-ending wonderland of keratin treatments. Choose wisely, and may the Keratin gods be ever in your favor.

Before the Keratin Treatment

Strutting into a salon-like royalty, choosing a stylist based on hair flip quality alone is everyone’s dream. But let’s put on our adult boots, shall we? Picking the right salon and stylist for a keratin treatment is no less significant than choosing your life partner – just slightly less dramatic!

Want to transform your mane that looks like it was styled using a blender? You might want to start with a heart-to-heart chat with your stylist about your hair troubles. Think of your stylist as your hair therapist. This person will be navigating the rough seas of your unruly tresses. So spilling your split ends, I mean secrets, like your last disastrous DIY dye job or your hair’s continued rebellion against humidity, is crucial.

Next up, gear up for the D-Day. No, not that D-day.

I am talking about the day of your keratin treatment. Pack a bag like you’re preparing for a camping trip. If you forget your dorky reading glasses for that 4-hour session, the only entertainment you’d be left with is contemplating the artistry in the peeling salon wallpaper. Thrilling!

Did you know timing is everything?! I’m talking about coloring your hair. Color it BEFORE the keratin treatment. Why, you ask? It’s like topping your ice cream with sprinkles and pouring hot fudge – it seals in the color, making it more vibrant. Who doesn’t like sprinkles under their hot fudge, right?

Lastly, slot your keratin treatment diligently while stacking your week with appointments. Don’t squish it between your 10 am aerial yoga class and your 2 pm date with Netflix. This beauty session can quickly run into hours. Planning ahead is your best bet unless you can time-travel or you’re secretly a superhero!

Okay, got it all? If you nodded even slightly, you’re better off than most! So strut into that salon like you own the place. After all, your hair is your crown!

During the Keratin Treatment

Once you’ve checked everything off your pre-keratin treatment checklist, it’s time to brace yourself for the real deal. Get ready for an exciting journey, riveting chemicals, hair-transforming miracles, and let’s not forget – the star of the show – Formaldehyde!


Ah, formaldehyde! The rather infamous chemical that keratin treatments dearly love. It has a particular reputation, primarily for being toxic. Does it give you a mini heart attack every time you hear it? Don’t shake yourself to death just yet! The key here is adequate ventilation. Request your stylist for a well-ventilated area, or maybe ceremonially hand them a fan when you walk in. But before you brainstorm innovative ways to combat potential formaldehyde exposure, remember that this formaldehyde fear should not be the highlight of your gossip in the salon.

Keratin Treatment Timing
Keratin Treatment Timing
Speaking of salon gossip, brace yourself.

The treatments can take up to four enjoyable gossip-filled hours. That’s right! Four whole hours of juicy stories that could rival any soap opera. Bring a novel, download a Netflix series, or indulge in the ancient art of conversation – your choice.

Remember the power of communication as the clock ticks and you get through your third cup of salon coffee (the kind with the artistic foam that makes you feel fancy). Dialogue is paramount, folks. Keep the conversation flowing with your stylist. Let them know if you’re feeling too hot or cold or have figured out the meaning of life (the latter might get you extra attention).

So, buckle up, buttercup! There’s no looking back now. The keratin treatment journey is a marathon, not a sprint (and not a 100m dash). With glue-like patience and a steady stream of witty banter, you’ll sail through. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and fabulous hair can’t be rushed.

Now, onto the post-keratin care. Spoiler alert: it involves a shower cap and zero hair brushing for three days. Sounds fun. Hang tight for more hair-raising adventures!

After the Keratin Treatment

Ahoy, fellow hair enthusiasts! You’ve now survived – or as I’d like to put it, ‘navigated your boat through the choppy waters’ – of getting a keratin treatment. Pat yourself on the back or, in this case, touch your smooth, silky hair. But hold your horses! Or should I say, keep your hair sprayed? The quest for perfect hair doesn’t quite end here.

Welcome to what I fondly call ‘The 72-Hour Survival Challenge.’ Much like a reality show, this round kicks off once our keratin treatment has ended. The rule is simple: avoid getting your hair wet for the first uno-dos-tres days after the treatment. “But, oh, I love my shower serenades!” I hear you say. Grab a shower cap and belt out those ballads without splashing your locks. Monsoon peeping around the corner? Just wear a loose-hooded raincoat and carry an umbrella. You know what they say: always be ready for a rainy day.

The challenge doesn’t end there! For bundled-up “hair-bandits” out there, remember this is no time to tie your hair or tuck it behind your ears.

Yes, no hair accessories near your crowning glory. Go ninja and duck when you spot hats or sunglasses coming your way. We can’t afford any impressions on our newly treated tresses.

Now, you might also want a color splash after this dramatic presentation. Well, hold that thought! For a stunning ‘technicolor dreamcoat’ effect, postpone your coloring spree at least two weeks post-treatment. Rewards come to those who wait, my friends!

As for maintenance, escape the norm of harsh products and use mild hair care friends, preferably without those confusing ‘sodium lauryl sulfate jazz.’ So, let your hair down swing like you’re in a shampoo commercial, but remember, everything good comes with a bit of love, care, and sarcasm on the side, of course!

So, go forth, my beautiful human. Revel in your Keratin-treated glory, and, as they say, keep calm and keep your hair fabulous!

Keratin Treatment vs. Smoothing

Defining keratin and smoothing treatments as chalk and cheese might be an overreach. But hey! Who are we kidding? It’s more like choosing between fries and potato crisps – different styles, same substance. A keratin treatment is like the ultimate frizz-fighting superhero, swooping in to help restore, smooth, and strengthen your hair. In contrast, a smoothing treatment is more like a supportive sidekick, helping in battling frizz but not bringing quite the same functional power.

Instead of choosing which suits your hair type, remember this sage advice: It’s comparable to buying a car- a minivan is no ‘hot-rod’ in the fast lanes. Likewise, the Ferraris of hair treatments (read Keratin) aren’t designed for the faint-hearted or delicate hair types.

So, what’s the moral of the story? It’s all about your hair’s personality! Is it bold, demanding the sophisticated swag of a keratin treatment? Or is it a little more demure, preferring the less dramatic, smoothing touch? The choice is yours, my dear reader, but make sure it’s well-weighed.

Dealing with Potential Side Effects

Dealing with Potential Side Effects

Ah, side effects – the unwanted guests with every great party. Keratin treatments, though fabulous, do come with some unwanted effects for a few sensitive souls. Common side effects include skin rash, eye irritation, and headaches. But worry not; there are alternatives for sensitive folks – formaldehyde-free treatments or fancy glyoxylic acid options that do an admirable job, albeit not as dramatically.

Now, if symptoms persist and you feel like you’re losing a wrestling match with your hair, that’s your cue to call in the professionals, aka medical help. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!


So, dear reader, we’ve journeyed together through the tangled jungle of keratin treatments. We’ve faced the wild Brazilian Blowout, serpent-like Cezanne, and elusive Formaldehyde-Free Alternatives. We’ve battled with salon choices and vanquished the dreadful Formaldehyde beast.

As we emerge from this hair-raising adventure, we see the path ahead clearly. It’s paved with the importance of picking a stylist who’s more a rock star than a witch doctor. It underscored the commitment to post-treatment hair care reminiscent of caring for a pet Cheshire cat. Yes, armed with our new knowledge of timing and hair treatments, we approach hair nirvana. And remember, even if you fumble, hair today is gone tomorrow, right?

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