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Keratin Treatment While Breastfeeding: Is It Safe for You and Your Baby?


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Keratin Treatment While Breastfeeding

keratin treatment while breastfeeding
Keratin Treatment While Breastfeeding

Well, hello there, fabulous reader! keratin treatment while breastfeeding I suppose you’re here because your post-pregnancy locks are yelling “SOS,” right? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back – let’s talk about keratin treatment. Now, you’re not an alien, so you’ve probably heard about this lifesaver for hair. It’s pretty much the beauty equivalent of that smooth-talking guy everyone falls for. Turns out, our hair is made of keratin, a type of protein. So when hormones and pressure play havoc on your crowning glory, a keratin treatment steps in, adding back the protein your hair desperately needs and making you the queen of glossy, frizz-free fabulousness.

However, pregnancy, that most eventful joyride of hormones, tends to leave a mark, especially on your locks – and we get it, it’s essential to look gorgeous while pumping breast milk or changing diapers at 2 a.m. So, is keratin treatment your knight in shining armour? Hold your horses, mama. Let’s explore the good, the bad, and the question, ‘Should you be doing this while nursing?’ Stay tuned while we plunge into our main predicament – the keratin treatment controversy. Exciting, doesn’t it sound? Trust me, it’s more gripping than an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


The Keratin Controversy

With all the hype around keratin treatments, you may be wondering, “Is this another trendy beauty fad that I’ll regret, like when I tattooed those tiny hearts on my ankle?” Let’s dive right in.

So, first things first: Keratin treatments are like that soo-very-kind stranger who helps you tame your wild, frizzy hair. They work like magic by pumping your hair full of, you guessed it, keratin, which is a type of protein that’s naturally present in your hair. You heard me right; they’re blasting your hair with more hair. Nothing like the smell of irony in the morning, eh?

But before you run off to schedule your salon appointment, there’s a little matter of ‘the Formaldehyde Factor’. You’re probably thinking, “Isn’t that the stuff they use to preserve dead things in jars?” You’re spot on! Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a relatively strong odor. In the magical world of hair treatments, heat activates the formaldehyde in the keratin solution, which helps straighten and smooth your hair.

You may then ask, “Hey, don’t dead things NOT have great hair?

Why would I want this in my hair?” That’s a fair point. Formaldehyde has a bit of an, ahem, unhealthy reputation. The deal is when inhaled, formaldehyde can cause myriad health problems like respiratory issues, skin irritation, and eye problems. The real kick in the pants? Some studies suggest a possible link to cancer with long-term exposure, which isn’t fantastic news for those of us who like not having cancer.

So, how does this all tie in with nursing moms? Is it like eating spicy food and ending up with jalapeno-flavored breast milk? Well, dear reader, the journey continues in the next section, where we explore the effects of this keratin misadventure on the nursing mother. To keratin or not to keratin, that, indeed, is the question!

keratin treatment while breastfeeding
keratin treatment while breastfeeding

Effects on the Nursing Mother

So, you’re a new mom dealing with hormonal hair fall and a frizzy mess on your head, and you can’t wait to get back to the salon for that magical keratin treatment, huh? Hold your horses because there’s more to it than fixing your hairstyle woes. Surprisingly, keratin treatments might not be a great idea when breastfeeding. Let’s dive into the reasons.

Formaldehyde and Breastmilk: What’s the connection?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet the evil villain of our story – formaldehyde. Yes, your high school biology teacher warned you about that same nasty chemical. It turns out that formaldehyde is a significant component of many keratin treatments, even when labeled “formaldehyde-free” (plot twist!).

But fear not, dear reader, as our villain isn’t very sneaky when it comes to breaching the fortress of the human boob.

Studies have not shown any significant transfer of formaldehyde to breastmilk, which means it’s unlikely to end up in your baby’s tummy (great news, right?).

Exposure routes and risks

However, don’t start celebrating just yet. Formaldehyde’s leading superpower lies in its ability to wreak havoc through other insidious infiltration routes. According to the experts, you and your baby could be exposed to this chemical by inhaling its toxic fumes during the application and heating stages of the treatment (which can go on for hours) or through skin contact when it’s still in your hair.

Not being overly dramatic here, but the risks associated with formaldehyde exposure range from irritations (such as itchy eyes and sore throats – like we need that with a new baby) to more severe issues like respiratory problems, allergies, and a potential link to cancer. Yikes!


Though it’s true that our fearsome formaldehyde likely won’t sneak its way into your breastmilk, the indirect inhalation and skin exposure risks simply can’t be overlooked. So, before you go all Rapunzel on us and try to mend your tresses, remember that bringing chemical-laden bad guys near you and your baby might just not be worth risking.

What the Experts Say

What The Experts Say

So, you’ve heard enough horror stories about some keratin treatments, and now you’re seeking wisdom from the holy grail of experts. Allow me to provide you with some advice from the most seasoned hairstylists and medical professionals.

First up are the hair gods, commonly known as stylists. Most of them (99.9%) would strongly recommend against having a keratin treatment while nursing. But why? Well, darling, it’s mainly due to the presence of formaldehyde, a pretty nasty chemical that can potentially affect your little bundle of joy. Besides, haven’t you heard that “mom hair” is totally in vogue?

Now, let’s turn our attention to medical experts, shall we? Admit it; their recommendations carry more weight when it comes to the safety of your baby. Most doctors also give an enormous thumbs down to keratin treatments during breastfeeding. No surprises there. After all, they base their expert opinion on scientific research that shows the potential harm formaldehyde can cause. So, unless you want to risk your baby’s health for fabulous hair, it’s best to heed their wisdom.

All hope is not lost! Many hairstylists have the secrets to keep your tresses looking good without subjecting them to potentially harmful chemicals. It’s almost as if they have a magic wand or something (maybe they do?). Perhaps a good haircut or a deep conditioning treatment would do the trick.

In short, the hairstyling and medical circles seem to agree: it’s best to avoid keratin treatments while nursing. So take that extra time cuddling and bonding with your baby because they won’t remain little and depend on you forever. Before you know it, they’ll be too busy even to notice your hair.

Safer Alternatives

Safer Alternatives: Less Guilt, More Glam

So, you’ve gone through the emotional rollercoaster of contemplating the risks of a traditional keratin treatment during your breastfeeding journey. But before you cry over your unruly hair, fear not! There are safer options to consider that won’t put your baby’s health and your sanity in jeopardy.

Enter the world of formaldehyde-free keratin treatments. Yes, you heard (read?) it right – treatments that leave out the dreaded “F” word. Made up of not-so-scary ingredients, these treatments can give you the smooth, shiny locks you’ve been yearning for without sacrificing your baby’s well-being. Make sure you double-check with your stylist and bond over your mutual love for hair that doesn’t involve toxic chemicals. P.S. – Remember to treat yourself with a celebratory hair flip after!

Now, if you’re still finding yourself tangled in a web of hair-related anxiety, let’s talk post-pregnancy hair care tips. Perhaps it’s not the right time for a complete hair transformation. Instead, focus on regular trimming, switch to a gentle shampoo and conditioner (oh, hello, organic products!), and indulge your mane in deep conditioning treatments. A hot oil massage never hurt anyone except, of course, for your arch-nemesis, the split end.

Another top tip for postpartum hair care is to pull out your inner hair stylist and experiment with different hairstyles that can hide those pesky baby hairs and make you feel like a hair goddess without compromising safety. Who knows, you might discover a new signature look!

So there you have it. A safer path to smooth, manageable hair while nursing your baby. Because let’s face it, between diaper changes and sleepless nights, isn’t it nice to have one less thing to worry about? Let’s raise a glass (of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage) to fabulous hair without guilt!


And there we have it, folks, the grand hair conundrum every breastfeeding mama pondering a keratin treatment finds herself in. Do we risk the dread of bad hair days or the potential threat to our precious little ones? Well, that, my dear ladies, is a decision profoundly personal and weighs heavily on how you perceive the benefits and potential hazards.

Remember this to all the worried mothers – you’re still the incredibly awesome life-giver who’s done wonders (endured morning sickness, labor pains, and sleepless nights, remember?). A little hairstyle or lack thereof doesn’t define your phenomenal motherhood. If the risk seems too high, safer alternatives always await your exploration. Your little one won’t care if your hair isn’t salon perfect. You’re still their perfect mom. Mind you, this comes from someone who owns five bottles of unopened hair serums. So take a breath, cuddle that baby, and worry about your hair some other day. Because, let’s face it, there’s probably spit up in it anyway. Stay fabulous, Mamas! You’re doing amazing! Until the following hairy situation, Ciao!

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