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Reviving Hair Volume: Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Volume after a Keratin Treatment


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How To Get Volume After Keratin Treatment

how to get volume after keratin treatment
How To Get Volume After Keratin Treatment

Welcome, how to get volume after keratin treatment, all you shiny-haired peeps who’ve ventured into the sleek and smooth world of Keratin treatments (or thinking about it). Isn’t it bliss to swish around with straight tresses that utter the word “perfection.” But the cruel twist of fate – as straight as an arrow also means as flat as a pancake – the volume, my dear friend, has left the chat.

Now, you find yourself staring at the mirror, questioning the twisted-haired agenda of world-renowned scientists. Why, oh why, must smoothness come at the price of volume? Can’t we have our proverbial cake and eat it too? To all of you smooth operators yet volume mourners, welcome to what I like to call ‘The Keratin Paradox.’

Switching camps from the frizzy rebels to the polished straight-hair elite, you’ve swapped volume for the high-gloss finish. Somewhere between those long hours of irons, serums, and gloves, you bid adieu to ‘poofiness’ and welcomed good ol’ gravity pulling your hair down.

But halt the despair right there! Is it the end of voluminous dreams? Not! Hold on to your seats and those sleek tresses as we cruise through the world of reviving hair volume post-Keratin. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild, voluminous ride!

Remember, hair enthusiasts, when life gives you flatness post-Keratin, we are here to add a splash of volume (wink wink). Let’s ruffle up those roots and unearth the voluminous hair you’ve dreamed of!


A Close Look at Keratin Treatments

Let’s dive deep into the world of keratin treatments! You see, keratin is the buzzword in the town. In the land of beauty, where straight hair and smooth are the royalty, Keratin is the mighty enabler. It relaxes those annoying frizz monsters and delivers sleek, style-friendly locks. “Sounds great; where do I sign up?” you say. “Aha, not so fast, my friends,” I say. Our relationship with Keratin has more drama than your favorite reality show. Let’s call it – ‘The Keratin Paradox’. Intriguing? Stick around!

After the keratin parade, the hair becomes smoother than a baby’s bottom (no joke, it does). But hold on, aren’t your locks looking a bit flat? Beauty has a downside: hair after a keratin treatment is like a pancake; it goes flat. The abundant protein in the treatment lays the strands low, striking a lethal blow to the hair volume.

At this stage, you might wonder, “I didn’t sign up to look like a humidity-struck lion.

Moreover, isn’t the hair supposed to be Voluminously Glorious after a keratin treatment? We are in the same boat if you nod as vigorously as I am. High five!

To answer your question, yes, there are chances you may end up losing volume (gasp!) after a keratin treatment. You see, the therapy is committed to making your unruly hair docile, and in that process, it can lose a bit of its zest. A keratin straightening treatment might make your hair look like it’s auditioning for a spot in the ballet troop, flat and strict. You might consider a milder, more volume-friendly keratin treatment to maintain some punk in your hair. And remember, in the land of beauty, the hairstylist is king. So don’t shy away from having a heart-to-heart with yours to determine the best action. They are, after all, the knight in shining armor against the dragon of flatness.

how to get volume after keratin treatment
how to get volume after keratin treatment

Trust me, nothing screams panic more than seeing your vivacious locks turn flatter than a pancake. And that’s where I come in, your courteous and wise guide, to help you navigate the wilderness of hair volume debacle. Stay tuned in our next chapter as we explore the path to Voluminous hair post-Keratin Treatment.

The Path to Voluminous Hair Post-keratin Treatment

So, you’ve just had your keratin treatment, and your hair is so smooth it can give a baby’s bum a run for its money! But the newfound sleekness comes with its nemesis, ‘Flatness’! Quite a bummer. Fear not, ladies and gentlemen! Buckle up because we’re shifting gears from smooth to ‘va va voom’!

Remember the simple but golden rule of hair styling for volume – volume, like happiness, starts from within (or in this case, the roots). So, if you think you can cheat the flatness by using some “potion of volume” just at the ends, you’re unfortunately mistaken!

To achieve that dramatic lift you’re craving, you need to coax, persuade, and downright bully your roots to stand up (in a non-hair-harming way). Deploy some volumizing mousse or root lift spray strategically at the base of your hair. Then, blow dry away from the scalp, and voila! You have a volume that could put the 80’s glam rock scene to shame.

Shifting from smoothing to volume is quite an adventure. It’s like turning from a librarian to a rockstar! Now go dazzle them with your voluminous locks, you gorgeous mess! The world is, albeit literally in this case, your stage.

Creating Illusions with Hair Color

Creating Illusions with Hair Color

Ah yes, hair color – the magical art of deception! You could play the lead role in a heist movie with your expertly-colored hair. Now that we have your inner mastermind’s attention let’s dive into how strategic coloring can add body to your hair and create the illusion of volume.

First, we must disarm the security system—er, I mean, talk to your hairstylist. See, I’m getting carried away with the heist theme here! Explain your grand plan of volumizing your keratin-treated hair with sneaky color tricks. The good news is that you won’t need to dye all of your hair because just a few highlights can change everything (in a good way).


Enter the perfect illusion: double-toned strands. Lighten up some of your hair with a honey or caramel tone for blondes, while brunettes can opt for a light chocolate hue. The trick here is to add contrast. More contrast means a more powerful volumizing effect.

Remember, just like any good heist, you must choose the right tools. In this case, you need hair dye without sulfates and ammonia. Voilà! You’ve successfully created an illusion of fullness and volume with a little splash of color. Now, give yourself a pat on the back for achieving the book’s most excellent, quirkiest volumizing trick.

how to get volume after keratin treatment
how to get volume after keratin treatment

Volume-Boosting Hairstyles

Alright, folks. Buckle up! Today, we’re hitting the follicle freeway, and no rest stops until we reach Hair Volume City. So, let’s start by throwing some serious shade at your dull roots, shall we?

Has your hair parting become as predictable as that friend posting their dinner on Instagram? It’s time for a detour! Shift your parting to the other side of the middle to create what we, in the hair world, call the “root lift.” Boom! Instant hair volume. Easy-peasy, right?

Now, take a breath! We’re about to pick up speed and dive into the wild, tangled world of curls. If you have been a lover of flat, straight hair, you might feel a bit dizzy, but trust me, this rollercoaster ride adds the much-needed body to your locks. A quick round of curling or waving will make your hair look like it’s enjoyed an all-you-can-eat buffet and prepare you for the red carpet. Remember, the curlier the hair, the bigger the adventure.

But wait! Just when you thought it was time to unbuckle and relax, we were zooming towards the land of layered haircuts.

Your flat, lifeless hair might scream in horror, but hang in there, darling. Layered haircuts are summer flings for your hair – they add thrill, movement, and a hefty dose of volume.

You see, layered cuts are to your hair what a beautiful sunbathing spot is to a beach lover – irresistible! Your hair at the front falls romantically in light, flirty layers, giving it the illusion of fullness. At the same time, the heavier sections in the back admire and support the front like the third wheel in a romantic movie, boosting volume.

As we cruise along, let’s have a moment of silence for all the monotonous hairstyles we’ve left behind in our quest for volume. And now, let’s put up a big hair-spray salute to a future full of exciting hairdos.

My hairdressing comrades, we came, saw, and ramped up the volume. Now, go out there and flaunt those luscious locks. The world is your runway.

Volume Preserving Hair Care Regime

Now, let’s talk about preserving that voluminous, gorgeous hair of yours. It’s pretty simple; you need to follow three essential steps.

Firstly, pick the right volumizing products. You don’t want to use products that semiconsciously sabotage your hair’s epic quest for volume. Oh, the horror! Look for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products designed to add oomph to your hair. Volumizing mousses, dry shampoos, and root mists will become your BFFs in this adventure.

On to step two, my friends: strategic blow-drying. It’s like a tactical military operation, but for your hair no one gets hurt (unless you burn yourself, so please be careful!). The key lies in lifting your roots and using a round brush. Blow dry your hair upside down, maintaining proper airflow with a nozzle attachment. Swift moves, people! Once you master the art of blow-drying, you will reign supreme in the volumized hair kingdom.

Lastly, balance moisture and protein in your hair. Think of it as the Yin and Yang of hair care. Too much protein? Brittle hair. Too much moisture? Limp locks. Find the perfect equilibrium, and you’ll have a head full of happy, voluminous hair. And who wouldn’t want that, am I right?

So, there you have it – your ticket to ride the volume train. Stick to these rules, and your post-keratin hair can be as voluminous as you desire. Cheers to hair victories!


Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit if it isn’t true – you CAN have keratin-treated hair that’s as voluminous as a lion’s mane, after all! Through a thrilling adventure including layered haircuts, strategic coloring, and hairstyles that defy gravity, not to mention a hair care regime akin to a secret volume-preserving potion, we’ve shown that achieving volume after a keratin treatment is no longer a Sisyphean task. It’s mission accomplished, folks. So go ahead, strut your stuff with your straight, smooth, but oh-so-voluminous tresses because you’re not just embracing your locks – you’re throwing them a full-blown party.

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