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Unraveling the Mystery: Can I Bleach My Hair Before a Keratin Treatment?


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Can I Bleach My Hair Before Keratin Treatment

can i bleach my hair before keratin treatment
Can I Bleach My Hair Before Keratin Treatment

Welcome to the hair Olympics. Can i bleach my hair before keratin treatment? Where two hardcore contenders are set to duel it out – Bleach Vs. Keratin. Ah, the age-old feud. It’s a tale as old as time, or at least as old as people have cared about their hair (so, really old, right?). One is a lightning superhero that arrives in a flash (pun intended), transforming your precious strands into shiny, Instagram-worthy highlights, and the other is a silky sorcerer casting smoothing spells that would give Rapunzel a run for her money.

Bleach, the chameleon of the hair world, works by stripping your hair of its natural hue, replacing it with whatever shade your heart fancies. Meanwhile Mr. Keratin operates a little differently. Unlike our colour-loving friend, it’s less about drama and more about sleek simplification, creating smooth, frizz-free hair.

We’ve laid out the basics. Now, please sit back, relax, and journey more deeply toward the hair truth, one strand at a time. Who knows, by the end of this, you might end up proclaiming, “I volunteer as tribute” in this ongoing hair Hunger Games.


The Bleach Effect: EnLIGHTenment or Disillusionment?

Ah, bleach, my old friend, the instant gratifier, the quickest route to being a platinum blonde or pastel dreamboat! But, like all good things, it comes with a “handle with care” tag.

Bleach, the feisty diva of the hair industry, gets down to business by stripping your hair of its natural pigment, aka melanin. This is like that one friend who insists on throwing everything away when they help you clean your room. Necessary? Yes. Traumatic for your beloved clutter (or, in this case, hair)? Absolutely!

Now, one wouldn’t mind the dramatic exit of melanin if only bleach stopped there. But guess what, it doesn’t! It’s like that party guest who insists on raiding your fridge after consuming all your booze. On the plus side, you get to rock that unicorn hair you always dreamed of (or scare your ex at the grocery store), and your selfies get an upgrade. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the benefits of bleach!

But hang on to your hairbrush because it’s not all instant Kardashian fame.

Like that hangover after drinking too much tequila, bleaching has some not-so-glam side effects – think dry, brittle hair that even cacti would cry for. It’s like paying your dues for partying hard on a Monday night.

And, of course, you can’t forget the straw-like texture that makes you wonder if your hair is prepping itself for a role in “The Scarecrow’s Guide to Good Hair.” Not to mention potential hair breakage that can give you those unintentional baby bangs you didn’t sign up for!

can i bleach my hair before keratin treatment
can i bleach my hair before keratin treatment

So there you have it, bleach in all its glory and sass! It’s a dramatic rainbow ride that gets your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing and leaves you with a head full of stories… And perhaps, a handful of your hair.

Remember, bleach isn’t the villain here; maybe it’s misunderstood. Or perhaps it’s like that ex who you know isn’t good for you, but you keep going back because, hey, life is short and boring without drama! Now, let’s brace ourselves for another roller-coaster – the Keratin ride!

Keratin: Smooth Operator or Smooth Criminal?

So, you’ve survived the bleach apocalypse, and now your hair is screaming for some TLC. Enter the smooth savior of the hour: keratin treatment. It’s like the fairy godmother for your straw-like, post-bleach locks, promising to transform them into silky cascades worthy of a shampoo commercial. But what exactly is this magical potion?

Keratin, my friends, is that protein your hair is made of. When it’s slapped on your hair in a salon, your hair gets a protein shake. It fills in the porosity of your hair caused by that moody ex-friend called bleach. You sit there, they slather it on, and voilà, you walk out looking like you’ve got a permanent wind machine following you around. The transformation is unreal – like going from a shabby chic to a sleek freak in hours.

But wait, don’t start penning your love letter to keratin treatments just yet. As with all strong relationships, controversies lurk.

Some say it’s the holy grail; others caution the potential overuse might pull a Michael Jackson on your hair (too much smoothing could turn you into a thriller, but not in a good way).

Let’s not forget the gossip about formaldehyde – the Voldemort of hair care ingredients. Some treatments had them in the past, causing more drama than a telenovela cliffhanger. Nowadays, most formulas swap it for gentler ingredients, but it’s always good to chat with your stylist – you know, “What’s in this potion you’re about to put on my precious mane?”

At the end of the day, if you’re craving that sleek, I-woke-up-like vibe and are ready to commit to the at-home care ritual, keratin could be your hair’s new best friend. Remember, overdoing it can turn your dreamy hair into a scary affair. So, before you take the silky plunge, think: do I want Keratin: the Smooth Operator or the Smooth Criminal? The suspense is real.

The Great Hairspiracy: Can Bleach and Keratin Coexist?

Ah, the great hairspray: can bleach and keratin, two sworn frenemies, coexist? The love triangle between you, bleach, and keratin has been the topic of many heated (and stylish) debates, wild hair theories, and the occasional hair-raising horror story.

So, dear hair enthusiasts, is it synergy or calamity? We consulted the ultimate love gurus, our trusty hairdressers, to unravel this tangled mystery. Some side with the daring bleach, while others passionately champion the peacekeeper keratin, but they all agree on one thing: letting these two have their space before they move in together.


Let me regale you with some near-magical (or hair-raising) tales of bleach and keratin cohabitation. For some brave souls, success has been achieved *dramatic hair flip*. Yes, these trailblazing hair adventurers managed to go blonde and smooth and lived to tell the tale. Typically, they spaced the treatments far enough apart and took extra care of their now oh-so-divalicious tresses.

can i bleach my hair before keratin treatment
can i bleach my hair before keratin treatment

However, like the wildest love stories, there are also those utter fails, dear readers. Picture the horror of fried noodles where once there were silky strands… oh, the humanity! These tragic tales are cautionary reminders that patience is a virtue, and our beloved locks need time to recover – a sort of hair detox, if you will.

So, what is the lesson amidst these passionate tales of love, war, and hair care?

Simply this: bleach and keratin may be an unorthodox love story between two strong-willed personalities, but with respect and a healthy dose of caution, they can coexist and give you that hairdo of your dreams.

But one must remember, one wrong step with these two powerful treatment forces, and your bucket list’s perfect hair moment could just as quickly become a hair-apocalypse. Proceed with caution, fabulous readers, and may the hair gods forever be in your favor!

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: Preparing for an Epic Adventure

Alright folks! Let’s embark on this wild expedition where we play the classic game “Which Came First: The Bleach or The Keratin?” This is the hair edition of the classic Chicken or the Egg problem. Some brave souls have dared to venture into bleach first, followed by a keratin session. Bold move, people, bold move! But remember, this isn’t a Hunger Games deal; there’s no need to volunteer as a tribute.

Let’s tempo down a notch. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “How long must my mane endure this wild emotional roller-coaster between the two treatments?” Oh, the mane agony, right? It’s like waiting for a text back from your crush – agony mixed with anticipation! The general consensus among experts strongly suggests a break of at least two weeks – yes, count them, fourteen whole days – between bleach and keratin. I bet your hair strand diary didn’t see that coming! Remember, these aren’t from my grandmother’s secret beauty recipes, so don’t take my word as gospel.

Let’s talk about a significant individual here – your double-treated hair.

That buddy of yours has been through an adventure close to Frodo’s quest in The Lord of The Rings. It demands some special care, and trust me, it doesn’t ask for the One Ring. Investing in products specifically designed for treated hair becomes your new holy grail. This journey isn’t for the faint-hearted, my friends. Throw special shampoos, conditioners, the odd hair mask, and voila! You’ve got yourself a hair care routine that even Rapunzel could learn from. And remember, ladies and gents, a leave-in conditioner can become your new best friend, like the kind you deserve but not the one you need right now.

So, now you’re ready to join the bandwagon. Hold your breath, dive in, but don’t forget to laugh at the potential calamity your hair strands might be whispering about. Adventures await, my brave friends. We’re no hobbits, but we can sure face some hair-raising trials for the love of good hair days!

The Ultimate Sacrifice: Prioritizing between Bleach and Keratin

Ah, we’ve arrived at the crossroads of destiny, where bleach aficionados and keratin enthusiasts square off. One side swears by the euphoria of going blonde, pink, or…green. Let’s say their hair color spectrum is as unpredictable as British weather. The bleach addicts, those vanguards of vibrancy, persuade, “Life’s too short for boring hair!”

But don’t roll your eyes just yet! Enter the keratin brigade, pulsing with an intense love for their smoother-than-silk tresses. They pen love letters to their magic potion, murmuring sweet nothings like, “Dear Keratin, you make me feel like I’ve stepped out of a Pantene commercial”

But let the revelries cease for a moment, for there are folks who truly believe that they can seize the best of both worlds! These brave soldiers of style are pulling off the bleach-keratin combo with a swagger that’s hard to ignore.

Can they do it without their hair streaking off on strike? Let’s follow the trail of blonde, smooth crumbs and find out!


Alright, folks, we’ve tangled with the titans – been enlightened by bleach and keratin-treated to smooth nirvana. So, what’s the final rumbling in this hair-raising about of beauty heavyweights? Peace, love, or all-out war?

Like a bewildering shampoo ad, the answer is yes… and no.

Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming, huh?

So, let’s give it some welly. Daredevil beauty junkies can bleach and keratin their way to their dream hair. Because, you know, living life on the edge and all that. However, it’s like a hair marathon, not a sprint, so cushion those treatments with enough time to avoid the airpocalypse.

Are you braving a DIY? Kudos on the guts! Although, unless you’ve got a hair strand PhD or a secret hair whisperer, going pro might be your best bet. Remember, your hairdresser might save you from looking like a scorched poodle or a blonde broom.

So, love, war, peace? It’s your ring, and the bell just rang. Gentlemen at home, start your hair mixers!

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